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Aug 28, 2022

From: BH Drama

Subject: Told you!

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I wrote in a while ago to tell you they’re ready to cut R****!!! Her spiral on her insta? Calling out production!?! How Nene Leakes of her. I can’t imagine any reunion performance can change her fate after that tirade. YIKES!

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  1. M


  2. TRinna SaveFace

    Wonder if she’s doing that so that she can say, “They fired her for speaking her mind.” When in reality they fires her before the video.

    • Tilly

      You just hit the nail on the head. That’s precisely what she’s doing. She knows she’s gone, so she’s already trying to spin the narrative and make herself a victim of the “woke” culture she’s always bitching about.

    • Kerri

      100% agree. She will spin this so she is the victim.

  3. Just say'n

    Please let this be true so many housewives can bring drama without being cruel. She is unlikable and unwatchable Every franchise has a pot stirrer but they are also enjoyable. Rinna is as tired as the decor in her home.

    • Whit

      “rinna is as tired as the decor in her home” is the best thing I’ve ever read . Lmaooooo

    • M

      Right!! Look at Gizelle from rhop she is such a pit stirrer but she is still so likeable at the end of the day too. Someone needs to take notes

  4. Hopeful

    This was my first thought when I saw the video! I don’t get why they would still let her on after calling out production which, isn’t the #1 rule not to talk about production??

  5. Manny

    I think she’s gonna be a reunion no-show. She’s humiliated they’re reading her for Denise on top of everything else.

  6. She never owns it.

    Guys!!!! I am seriously so dang happy about this! Bye Rinna!!!

  7. Rinna Runs?

    Wonder if she will pull a Maloof; and not show for the reunion?

  8. Because you didn’t own it

    This is good except damn we aren’t gonna see her at the reunion. I guess that’s the sacrifice we need to make to finally see her go!


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