More on that he’s rich , she’s young…

Aug 28, 2022

If this is a D***** husband, I saw him out on Thursday night at local dive bar with a younger woman, very dark hair. Sitting at a table for 2.

I saw them at Inwood Tavern, a popular (and small) dive bar in the Park Cities area, so I was shocked – like you couldn’t be this stupid? I feel bad for His wife but my friend wondered if they have “an arrangement.” He even had his wedding ring on! When I saw them it was around 10-ish, it was just the two of them sitting at a table for 2. And NOT hiding in a dark corner ?
fun fact: Jerry O’Connell goes there about once a year during football season!?


  1. Redmond Letter

    Either Brandi’s husband or Travis because Inwood Tavern and Park Cities is Dallas.

  2. RH Junkie

    I mean, he did get her donuts for her birthday

  3. J

    DAndre? There’s an inwood tavern in dallas and Jerry has posted a pic during football season tagging them…

  4. Chester Chester pumpkin eater

    Dallas husband? Travis, or Brandis hubs maybe?

  5. Dallas money

    Must be Travis, Stephanie’s husband.

    • Dallasite

      This is 10000% Dallas but no clue who the husband is

  6. KD


  7. Hard Night Good Morning?

    The only name that matches up, that I can think of with a southern husband is D’andra. He’d obviously only be rich because of her. Can’t think of anyone else

    • D for Dallas

      I think the “D*****” stands for Dallas, as in a Dallas husband

  8. Dallasite

    Court, Travis, Bryan, Jeremy?? Although Jeremy isn’t rich.


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