That’s wild!

Aug 27, 2022

From a source:

I know someone who worked on the film said the whole crew hated working for her and that she was super rude to all of them. Also he did quit. Allegedly.


  1. Yasin

    I think the video says it all. She wanted him to stay and he didn’t want to stay. I think Shia has made a lot of mistakes and now people just assume he is the negative person in this situation which isn’t fair. That doesn’t take away from any of the bad things he has done but two things can be true at the same time. It seems like Florence is also not happy since she’s not promoting the film but neither is harry really lol.

    • Times Up Olivia

      Harry is at an interesting crossroads movie career wise eternals didn’t get greenlit for a sequel which would introduce his new character fully so he really needs this lead role in don’t worry to work but I think his PR team has told him DWD isn’t gonna work there’s too much negativity on it so say nothing on promo – Shia releasing that video was another nail in its coffin but I’m so glad Olivia’s lies are catching up with her

    • Unfair

      Florence isn’t promoting bc she’s pissed Harry was paid 3 times more than Florence.

  2. Mama in Cali

    Olivia Wilde and Shia?

    • SusieQhatesYou

      It’s gotta be awful when bad guy Shia is the one making the call to leave

  3. Even Steven

    Olivia Wilde saying she fired Shia LeBouf.

  4. Eww

    Really starting to feel like things we’ve heard about her are true…?

  5. Titsmcgee

    She needs to take a seat. Just cause you’re dating Harry doesn’t make you right. Someone is getting too big for her britches

  6. Angel bb

    That’s BS. I’ve had many encounters with Olivia and she’s an angel!

  7. Emmy

    Read his email to OW, and saw her video response. She was such a nervous driver—weirded me out. Shia rehabilitated and is most likely telling the truth. Olivia trying ti save face for her movie


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