Aug 26, 2022

I just saw L*** H******** in the Hermès Miami design district . She looked super stunning in a cute little sundress and a hat with her teal Birkin bag She did look a little sad but everyone in the store said how nice she is and that the husband was in there last week with a mistress and was such an asshole to the staff and that the girlfriend looks nothing like her Instagram she is not cute at all in person according to the staff lol

Just ran into L*** again at the kids store and her son was begging for an outfit and they had to call L**** to ask for permission and he was like thank you daddy thank you daddy and she was like thanks mommy too.


  1. Nana

    So sad to buy Hermès……wipe away those tears w a 100k bag… works…..jk. Therapist – move on. Ex dude is a loser. Take him for all the $$$$

    • Emma

      Do you truly believe no one with money can ever feel sad or heartbroken? How strange.

  2. Judge Judy

    This blind doesn’t make sense. Lisa can be in Hermès shopping but needs to call Lenny for approval to buy their son clothes? I highly doubt that if Lenny requires approval to buy clothes for their kids that he would “approve” Lisa buying herself Hermès.

    • Sarah

      It didnt say she bought anything at hermes just that she was there. Assuming this was at miami design district where hermes is she was probably strolling through lots of shops.

      • Judge Judy

        Even if Lisa didn’t buy anything during that particular visit, she wouldn’t be shopping at Hermes if she wasn’t intending to eventually buy something there especially since she has shopped there in the past. You can see on her insta that she has a bunch of Hermes purses so if she is window shopping it is more likely than not with the intent to buy. So my point stands. If she needs permission from Lenny to buy her child clothes, wouldn’t she also need permission to buy something from Hermes? I would assume that if she was using her RHOM salary to buy Hermes she wouldn’t ask for his permission in which case why wouldn’t she use it to buy her children clothes? The blind is implying that Lenny is an a** because he was rude and because he’s so controlling with money that his ex needs to ask him for permission for buy their mutual children clothes. But if he really is an a** why would he be willing to pay for her Hermes? Yes, he’s an a** for cheating on his wife and trying to kick her out of their house, but if he’s “letting” her buy Hermes from his salary then he’s not as big of an a*ss as people are implying.

  3. Loser Lenny

    Is she really going to need permission to buy things until the divorce is settled?


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