From: Housewives Come Through

Subject: Is the V back?

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After last season of VPR and what they’ve filmed so far this season, it has become evident that their former boss does not fit in the show as a main cast member anymore. She’s not friends with the younger cast, she’s not their boss anymore and they don’t really care about her opinion… some of them are actually tired of her condescending manners. Also, her solo scenes do not fit with the show. She’ll always be an EP though.

She’s not ready to leave TV. She knows how good her TV appearances have been for her businesses. She’s tried and failed two shows and at this point there’s no production company that will take the risk on a solo show. She wants back. She’s already started moving the pieces. Giving her situation of desperate need she may not be able to demand for certain cast members to be fired… Also, certain cast member with a fake British accent may be up for her return as she knows that it could save her role. Bravo could potentially keep certain HW’s which were on the chopping block just to see what the interaction with the OG would be.
“Throw me to the wolves… and I shall return leading the pack”

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