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Exclusive Tea on RHOA’s Driveway Fight; Who Stole Spelling Mansion?

What’s the real reason the Real Housewives of Atlanta were in the driveway for two hours? B has exclusive tea just for the podcast about what was really happening – and about the latest drama happening right now during filming of RHONJ. And apparently it’s rabbit hole week – we go deep on two scandals. One is a lawsuit that names many Bravo stars, and accuses Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi of stealing $27 Billion PLUS Spelling Mansion…in one of the biggest cases of alleged identity theft we’ve ever heard of. The other rabbit hole: we’ve got more exclusive info about the shocking Politician and the Socialite story that has ties to the Southern Charm cast. Speaking of Southern Charm, Austen Kroll finds himself trolled yet again. Last but not least, B assigns some homework for the Cocktailers regarding the #PrinceofPegging controversy.

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Transcript: Episode 12 of the Cocktails and Gossip Podcast

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Amanda (00:00:00):

Every day, if you don’t remember everything you said or did the night before, like that’s not a good place. And not that I’m saying that that’s the case with him, but everyone’s saying that he parties too much. So I’m just allegedly guessing that that could be contributing to some of his behavior.

B (00:00:22):

Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and And as always, it’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our blind Ambi

Amanda (00:00:42):

And I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tea.

Amanda (00:00:51):

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B (00:02:05):

I’m B,

Amanda (00:02:05):

And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into the week’s tea. So starting out with summer house, which we know is filming right now, we heard a little treat about our favorite Italian.

B (00:02:18):

So I know that all fans were shocked when they found out that Andrea was not returning and, you know, exclusive to our podcast. We shared that he wasn’t returning basically because they wanted him to be the single Italian lover boy, and he’s in a relationship and he was not willing to, you know, represent himself that way. So they didn’t have him back full time. We didn’t know if he would make an appearance. I can confirm. And I know we posted this to this site, but I can confirm that Andrea filmed a couple weeks ago with the crew and the cast and, you know, I don’t wanna get too excited. I think he may make another appearance. He is launching a brand and summers, he likes to travel to Italy. So I, I think we can hope to see him, you know, maybe one other time, but listen, I’ll take what I can get. I’m sure <laugh> all the fans will take what they can get of our, of our favorite. Andrea. So, you know, a few seasons ago we saw Danielle, remember Amanda, when Danielle was like, she popped in a couple weekends

Amanda (00:03:22):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>.

B (00:03:23):

Yeah. And I, I actually think that may have been Paige and Hannah’s first season and they, you know, they D I guess we took it as a demotion, whatever it was, but the following season, I guess they saw the value in her, especially, I think we all see Danielle as the level headed, you know, the yang to Lindsay’s yang, and she’s just a good fit for the house in general. She’s a good sounding board for the OG cast. And she’s been that way even for some of the newer cast members. So, you know, here’s hoping that they see that value in Andrea going forward.

Amanda (00:03:56):

Yeah. I mean, and you know, he can go to Italy in June. I don’t think they start filming until July. So here we are kind of helping Andrea figure out how he can do both. <Laugh> I, I don’t know. I just, I can’t help, but wonder when you were telling me that if couple’s house, which I’ve been kind of calling it in my head, if it’s already just getting stale and that that’s why maybe they called them in just for a little fun eye candy. I don’t know, but I know you have something else about what’s really been happening there.

B (00:04:30):

Yeah. So I have to be vague here. Obviously they’re filming and you know, my sources don’t want me to spoil the whole caboodle, but there’s some unusual drama between people who are close. So like, when I hear that, where does my head go? My head goes to Carl and Lindsay, maybe having issues with Amanda and Kyle. We saw some tension at the reunion. And now that Carl and Lindsay are a couple, I can very much see that changing the dynamic of that, you know, that foursome friendship, right. Because mm-hmm, <affirmative>, you know, Kyle and Amanda were like a team. And when Carl and Lindsay were just friends, they had like separate relationships with, you know, they all had separate relationships. Now it’s like two and two. And I can sort of see Lindsay’s influence on Carl being like, I mean, listen, let’s face it. Amanda said, and I know that Kyle was very unhappy <laugh> I made a post.

B (00:05:25):

I dunno, if you remember, and Kyle like commented on it. Like, that’s not what she meant, but you know, her tone was her tone. And Amanda basically said, Carl works for us. And that is not something that Lindsay is gonna tolerate. So if that’s a vibe, I could definitely see their dynamic having tension because Lindsay is not gonna tolerate her boyfriend being treated as a worker where I think Carl like has a good sense of his value and knows that he’s valued. I can see Lindsay taking issue with even the slightest. Does that, that make sense?

Amanda (00:05:58):

Yeah. But I also, so kind of building on what you’re saying in my head, as you’re talking about this, Carl was sort of that respected voice of reason last season. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> because he was unattached to. Right. Right. So I feel like he could go in and talk to Kyle and be like, Kyle, you need to calm down. Or, you know, say like, you know, to, even to Lindsay, like, are you doing okay? And now that Carl and Lindsay, I mean, Carl as a good boyfriend would, is probably going to defend Lindsay in situations where maybe before he might not have, and I could see that causing some, some issues. And then also with Amanda, having her friendships with, you know, being closer with the other girls, with Sarah, and I’m not sure if Maya’s there this summer and she is he’s there. And Paige yeah. You know, with all of them, I could see them there being some kind of ganging up on them as you know, or from them possibly on Lindsay, especially if Danielle isn’t around as much. So, you know, I could see that causing some right. Some more drama perhaps between Kyle and Carl. And maybe that is where that unusual drama is happening. Cause we’ve never really seen it between Carl and Kyle.

B (00:07:23):

And it makes so much sense because last season, as you said, Carl’s storyline was more like the supporting actor, right. He was supportive to Lindsay. He was supportive to, who’s really supportive to everyone else’s storyline, but his storyline was basically like, I’m clearing my head this summer settling into my sobriety and I’m taking it easy now, you know, when you’re in a relationship, good, bad, whatever it is, every relationship has their moments, especially sharing a house with a bunch of people, some of which you have, you know, a history with a bad history with some of which are close friends. So Carl very much has his own stuff happening. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so he’s not just gonna be, you know, the full guy for everyone else’s drama.

Amanda (00:08:04):


B (00:08:05):

I also, you know, so I also, it was Amanda’s birthday. And so many of my followers messaged me, like why hasn’t Paige wish her a happy birthday after the fact, like the next day, Paige did wish her a happy birthday, but it was very much just like a shout out, like happy birthday week, Amanda. It was not, I don’t know. It wasn’t like gushy or like, it led me to believe that there could be some listen, I’m sure Amanda’s quote in the middle, right. To your point. It’s like the newer verse, the OGs. And Amanda’s right in the middle of that, I did see that Sierra and Maya got paid a gift. So again, you know, maybe Lindsay got her own gift, but she wasn’t included in that. So, you know, drama can be between any of the women, but something tells me that our initial hunch is right. That it’s between the couples.

Amanda (00:08:59):


B (00:08:59):

And then of course, you’re of Craig who’s popping in and stirring stuff up as he does after a couple cocktails. So, you know, there’s that too.

Amanda (00:09:08):

Yeah. I think I also just wonder about the friendship of Amanda and Paige, because Paige has been pretty open about the fact that, you know, she’s just really, and in her confessionals and stuff on the show, you know, that, that she’s, she’s there to be Amanda’s friend and that she, you know, has expressed her doubts about Kyle. And so, you know, now that Amanda and Kyle are married, you know, perhaps there’s some tension coming from some of the things that Paige has said where Amanda’s like, I need you to shut up publicly and support me. So who knows, which

B (00:09:48):

I think that Paige would totally do, but like you can’t put a rabbit back in a hat. Right. So right. Kyle definitely feels some sort of way about Paige. I mean, I’m sure they have a friendship, but you know, he saw what she said and he saw all those conversations and mm-hmm, <affirmative> his opinion on her is going to, that’s gonna affect it whether she says, no, you guys are great now. And I no longer feel that way. It doesn’t matter. You said it. Right. So yeah, it, you know, it’s confusing. And I know we all have like our friends and then they get involved in relationships and where we are sort of friends with both. So we’ve all in real life dealt with these situation. And when people get married relationships change, it’s just, yeah. From boyfriend to husband, you know, wives, maybe, maybe Amanda will be more protective of stuff.

B (00:10:38):

I personally, wouldn’t be willing to share with those girls if I were Amanda, because it’s her decision, she’s an adult. So right. You know, it’s a television show. And I, I ventured a guess that if it were real life, they would have less of an opinion. I really do feel that way because you know, ultimately she’s a big girl. She makes her own choices. So, but because it’s TV, obviously I’m sure production pushes them to, you know, make it a little juicy. So I don’t know. I’m, I’m interested to see, I, I think it’s gonna be, I think it’s gonna be, I think there’s gonna be a lot of tensions there. There was a lot of stuff at that reunion that was not tied up with a bow.

Amanda (00:11:19):

Yeah, for sure. It didn’t seem like there was a hug it out moment really? Like there

B (00:11:25):

Usually no. And we even saw after the fact, like they very much went to dinner separately and Kyle and Amanda were not included with the younger ones. It it’s weird. And you know, I think people, I have a lot of respect for Kyle actually listened to a podcast. I can’t think of the name of it, but it it’s like a finance guy. Right. He’s an incredibly intelligent dude, Kyle. Yeah. And, and he came on the show and he really worked it to his benefit. And, but, you know, I think that that gets old. Right. So nobody wants their housemate. It’s like, he’s not captain Lee. Right. He’s not superior to them. However, the way it’s structured, he has been made to feel that way. Or he just feels that way. So, you know, I think that there’s a lot of layers. It’s funny, cuz summer house was like so frivolous and now it really, like, there are so many different layers to these real relationships. Cause they really all do live in New York city and they really all do hang during the year and like all of these things. So what started as like, just like a frivolous fun, like from the first season is very layered and complicated cuz they’re all intertwined and they’re, there

Amanda (00:12:33):

Are marriages

B (00:12:33):

They’re intertwined, like the whole Hannah thing, like pages in business with Hannah.

Amanda (00:12:37):


B (00:12:38):

You know? So there’s so many different sides to all of this

Amanda (00:12:42):

There. Yeah. Marriages, businesses, all of that kind of stuff. Yeah. So, so moving over to Jersey, we’ve been getting a bunch of emails about what’s been going on behind the scenes with Jersey and stuff about some of the new girls. And then we’ve been hearing about some of the drama. And what I love is we kind of hear about it from both sides. And we don’t know in most of the cases kind of who is sharing the stuff, cuz we get this stuff anonymously, but maybe you can kind of share with the cocktails a little bit, break it down for us.

B (00:13:18):

Yeah. So this was a wild week in regards to Jersey, Jersey stuff. And I, it was hard because I saw some other people like questioning it and I really wanted to save it for the pod cuz it’s something that now that I have a podcast, which I was so opposed to, some things are much better than <laugh> much easier to communicate like verbally than posting about it. Right. Cause sometimes just posting stuff seems skewed. So we receive information from both sides. We get information that a close childhood friend of Marge is very mad at her. So we don’t, the only detail we’re given is that the woman wanted to get on the show and the woman is claiming publicly or you know, she wants it to be public that Marge put the KIBO on that. So the person who’s sending that part, you know, on the woman’s side is clearly like on Jen’s team.

B (00:14:12):

So when we get the Intel, what’s the, you know, we have proof, right? There’s proof out there that this woman has been trying. She’s been in an event. She, she very much, I mean, funny enough she follows me. Right. I didn’t know who this person was. And she felt like when you’re a friend of a housewife and you’re following accounts typically it’s because listen either you’re a really good friend, but why do you care? What I post? Like she wants in, I know that to be a fact she wants in, even the reason she’s mad saying it’s because Marge stopped her from being on shows that she wants to be in. So Marge is the one bringing her to all of these events. The other side is saying like Marge pushed for her to get her on. And we know that Marge always has Lexi on and a lot of her friends invites them. So,

Amanda (00:14:55):

And Lexi is not the friend that we’re talking

B (00:14:57):

About. No Lexi,

Amanda (00:14:58):

Lexi assistant

B (00:15:00):

And right. You know, she was, she sort of was like a friend of, for a couple seasons. She never really took a larger role. I don’t know if she wants a larger role, but listen, if this woman, this childhood friend is great friends with Marge, why wouldn’t Marge want her to join as an ally? I mean, it would only make sense. So none of the emails name, anything else that Marge has done to her. Okay. None of the stuff I’ve seen, the only thing is that this woman is claiming that Marge put the kibosh on her, getting on the show. Okay. That what, what big egregious thing did Margaret do to you? Right? That’s what I’m looking to hear. Right? Cause there there’s nothing else there. So either the two stories, either this woman reached out to Jen and there, or Jen reached out to this woman in either event Theresa and Jen met up with this woman, one side, you know, says she called her the other.

B (00:15:52):

Okay. So whatever it is, they met up with her. There wants nothing to do with this. Her and Mar are in great terms as we’ve discussed in, you know, previous pods, Louie made sure that he buttoned that up. The last thing here there want is any drama surrounding them. They want a good edit. They wanna focus on their wedding. So whatever the situation is with Marge’s childhood friend, Theresa is out. She’s not bringing it to light. She’s just, she’s not interested. A as she told Marge as much from what I heard, like basically your friend is saying this, I want you to know that I am not touching it. Right. Mm-hmm so like that’s another, you know, solidifying her and Marge’s friendship for this season. Right. Cause <laugh>, as we know, how’s ours are friends for a season and then we reevaluate. If we’re gonna be friends next season. I think we’ve all learned that now,

Amanda (00:16:39):

Especially with these ladies <laugh>

B (00:16:41):

Oh yes. Oh yes. Now Jen, on the other hand, so, and this makes sense, right? She never really forgave Marge for outing her affair. I don’t think anyone would expect her to, I don’t think that’s something that the average person would so easily forgive. Right. So, you know, sadly what I’m hearing is that we’re continuing to see cracks in their marriage. You know, the magnifying now that this is out production is going to capitalize on it. People like mass.

Amanda (00:17:11):

We do. I, I mean, so with Jen, we know she in the past has gone digging for dirt, so right. You know, it doesn’t surprise me that it wouldn’t surprise me. I guess if we do find out that Jen is behind, you know, trying to go and find Marge’s friend and, and stirs something up with that, she

B (00:17:35):

Didn’t have to find her because Marge brought this woman around. Right? So like how do they know this woman? If this is so I’m just think this just occurred to me as we’re talking, how do we know? How do they know this woman? They know this woman because she’s Marge’s friend. These people don’t really hang out when they’re not filming. Marge brought this woman around filming. If Marge was so against her being on, she would keep her away from filming. And these women wouldn’t know her,

Amanda (00:17:56):

But all Jen would have to do to stir some stuff up. If she sees that this friend of Marge wants to be on the show is pull her aside, you know, take her out for coffee and be like, I know Marge doesn’t want you on the show. Exactly. That’s all it would take. And the funny thing is we have seen this in the case of there and Melissa, that it’s the producers who make the decisions about who goes on the show. And if a housewife wants or does not want a person on the show, it really doesn’t ultimately make a difference. It’s really the producers who are making that decision. So I don’t really believe that Marge can prevent her friend from being on the show. So if that’s really what the drama’s about, I’m, it’s seeming like it’s kind of a thin argument. Can’t Jen.

B (00:18:48):

She also can’t make it happen right. In the same way she can’t prevent it. She can’t say that the producers, you have to have her on <laugh> so right. You know, she can introduce, obviously she has the power to introduce her friend. And then from there, it’s up to her friend to get herself on the show, do something that gets their attention. And for me, I have to be honest. I think that if all it is, is this woman spinning it? That it was Marge’s fault that she’s not on the show. That’s some. That is a very, that’s not a good friend. That’s a very stupid reason to give up. We’re not talking this isn’t, this is a childhood friend, right? This is like family. This is like, they’re, they’re very close. So if that’s what it is and it’s just, so the other thing is the, you know, the other, the, the side that’s, you know, preferring Marges, whatever side of it is saying that the woman knows that Marge didn’t put the KIBO on it, but she’s just doing that narrative because this way she doesn’t have anything. If she had something like Marge slept with her husband or Marge made a bad business deal with her, you don’t think this woman would shout it out to every blog.

Amanda (00:19:58):


B (00:19:58):

She would, she’s looking to get on the show. She doesn’t have anything other than this nonsense, that Marge won’t let her on the show,

Amanda (00:20:06):

Which she thinks now might be her ticket to the show,

B (00:20:08):

Which they don’t want you hun. They’re not gonna want you for like, that’s breaking the fourth wall before you even get on the show. Like, <laugh> call me, call me girl. I’ll tell you how things work.

Amanda (00:20:20):

I just think too, like with Jen, I can see just as little as we know. Cause we’re not there obviously that if Theresa’s busy with the wedding and Theresa is now friends with, with Jackie and Theresa has even become, you know, like cordial with Marge, then Jen’s gonna be feeling really kind of threatened too, because she’s kind of losing her ally and is looking to kind of stir it up up, I’m guessing. And

B (00:20:48):

What would be better for her than to have somebody who flipped on Margaret, join the team.

Amanda (00:20:52):

Right? Exactly.

B (00:20:53):

Yeah. But so then we’re hearing that the new girl, Danielle has been very polarizing. This is what I’m hearing on the flight home from Dublin, you know, I’m telling you guys cocktails are <laugh> and it was hard for me to save this one because it was like, you know, so time sensitive. Cause I didn’t want someone else to say it, but there was clearly a rift between the new girl and Marge. And I think Dolores too, because Marge and Dolores were kind of yucking it up about how they don’t like how she operates. And they were like openly saying this on the flight and you know, try as she might to make Jen and Theresa her allies. They like her, but there’s no history there. There’s no real reason for them to go to bat for her. Because remember at this point they don’t know if it’s her, who’s gonna be fulltime or Jen Fessler or Rachel Fooda.

B (00:21:40):

Right. So for them to go to bat for Danielle before she’s confirmed full time would be, it wouldn’t make sense for them. So, you know, there isn’t in the hot seat this season. So that would be the only reason we know how Theresa operates. If she was in a hot seat, she’d want a soldier. She’s not in need of a soldier. So while she’s nice to Danielle, she’s not going out of her way for her. She’s certainly not gonna go against Marge for her. So if the word is that Marge, isn’t a fan of Danielle’s, Theresa’s staying away from that. I hear Rachel is sweet, but not dynamic. They people think she’s gonna be a friend of Jen Fessler, big personality. Essentially what I hear is it’s between her and Jackie and Danielle for full time. So Jackie, I guess we’ll see what happened on the editing floor. You know, nothing’s confirmed, but we know that production’s having second thoughts on demoting Jackie. So she did something and you know, we spoke about the RIF between her and Melissa. I think they probably patched it up, but something went down between her and the ladies for her to be getting this second chance.

Amanda (00:22:47):

Well, and we know so much of the show. I mean, Andy says it too. Like so much of the show is in the genius editing. Like I was watching Beverly Hills and just Garel reaction shots. Just her faces. Yes. You know, I was thinking,

B (00:23:05):

Wait, this week with our faces,

Amanda (00:23:06):

It’s so good. And like the, I love it because I’m like, she also think, I think she keeps herself. I totally changed the subject by the way. But she totally keeps herself out trouble because she will make a face, you know exactly what she thinks, but she doesn’t say anything. Oh yeah. Right. Like, oh yeah. It’s like when Erica ordered that drink and when Erica was singing over Asher, anyway, I’m totally going off subject. But

B (00:23:32):

Like, she didn’t have to get into an argument with Erica because her face said it all. And then right. You know, flash to the confessional where she puts it in words.

Amanda (00:23:39):

<Laugh> right. And that’s the thing is like, so much of this happens with the editors and they catch all those little moments that maybe the other girls don’t and then, you know, things can be put in a little bit of a new light is

B (00:23:55):

Why reunions are always so fantastic.

Amanda (00:23:58):

Right? Exactly. Trying

B (00:23:59):

It all together after seeing what actually makes it into the show.

Amanda (00:24:04):

Well, and if what we’re hearing, we’re hearing a lot that Danielle is thirsty. I think the word I wanna say that spread has been used. And if the girls are feeling that way, then the viewers are gonna probably feel, and, and the girls know that. Right, right. The, the OG Housewives, they know that if she’s coming off that thirsty on the show, she’s probably gonna come off that thirsty or with them that she’s gonna come off that thirsty to the viewers too. So I don’t know. I think it’ll be good that we’ve got some new blood, cuz I think, you know, another episode about Theresa’s love bubble is gonna be kind of boring. I’m curious to see if there’ll be a kind of, you know, there’s usually kind of a new, new wives versus old wives vibe. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so it’ll be interesting to see if that works or if they kind of try to mix in. So I don’t know. I can’t wait for the, all of the news to start coming in about the wedding too. Oh, I think we’re gonna get some really good. And

B (00:25:07):

While we’re on that subject, you know, some accounts posted a four part special. There’s no confirm on that. That’s not green lit. I actually am hearing that. We’re not gonna see the whole wedding. We’re gonna see bits and pieces. Maybe she’s still pushing for the four part and that’s, you know, she’s holding out on them, but there’s no, there’s no confirmation listen at the time of this recording, there’s no confirmation. Right. So yeah. You know, it could change. But last I heard from my source, which was this morning, there’s no confirmation on that. I’m not saying it’s not gonna happen, but it, it’s not definitely happening. So I don’t know why people are putting that out as if it’s, you know, it’s going on. It’s not

Amanda (00:25:48):

Well, and we have, we have said this before, but I kind of hope that she doesn’t get the spin off because then that means she doesn’t get editorial control right. Of the content. And so if there is mess around this wedding, we will see it. So maybe that’s hopefully why they’re waiting to see what happens before they confirm it. But, okay. So there’s this story. We talked about it a couple weeks ago about some hap stuff happening in South Carolina. And I know you, so you and I are both like getting more and more interested in this story, cuz it is so messy. It’s the story about the influencer slash socialite and the Congressman and it’s way messier than we are aware of. And you got some inside scoop about

B (00:26:35):

It. And so the reason why we’re interested in this, which listen, it’s interesting regardless, but the influencer is not only friends with actually best friends with one of them. But friends with people on the cast, she also was very much lobbying to get on the show. And I hear that’s still a possibility and this may just help her. So you know, my Charleston people, they fill me in this guy’s now if you’re driving or whatever you’re doing, you’re gonna have to pay attention because this is like, Ooh, the influencer had an affair with the Congressman. Allegedly the influencer accused her husband. So the influencers also married. The Congressman is married to another woman. The influencers married to another man. The influencer is married. She has a child. She accused when she had the affair with the Congressman. She accused her husband of kidnapping her. Okay.

Amanda (00:27:25):


B (00:27:25):

Daughter? No, the adult. Oh the influencer, the white.

Amanda (00:27:29):

Yes. The influencer.

B (00:27:30):

Yes. Word on the street is that the Congressman was able to hold. And you know, I have to say this. I don’t know that much about the south. We all know I’m a big Yankee. I find it. So bananas that like people still have the power to do this, but where it is the Congressman held the influencer’s husband. So the man she’s cheating with held her husband in jail for a while. Then when he was released, he was placed on house arrest. <Laugh> the husband is apparently so the influencer’s husband is using social media to spread the word he’s even been on podcasts. I don’t think they’re big, well known podcast, but you know, my Charleston folk filled me in on them and I took a listen. So the guy recently that the husband of the influencer bought a church and painted it bright pink for attention.

B (00:28:17):

Now this is all very new. Because as recently as last month, the husband and the influencer, he was posting how wonderful the wife was. Although they were estranged, she’s decided to move to Miami. I guess she wasn’t cast on Southern charm. She figured let’s do the Florida scene. The estranged husband was saying he was moving to be close to her and their child. Now here’s the kicker. The congressman’s wife was also close friends with the influencer. When the affair started, she even let the influencer stay in her home with the Congressman and her not knowing this cheating was happening under her own roof.

Amanda (00:28:55):

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B (00:30:22):

This is according to the influencers, estranged husband, mind you. So now the estranged wife of Congressman is trying to help the influencers estranged husband, because the congressman’s wife is a lawyer get custody of their child. So the influencer and the Congressman are having an affair. Congressman’s wife is helping influencer’s husband get custody of influencer and husband’s child. You, you can’t make this up. Now, here we go. The influencer’s lawyer apparently is very rich and powerful, which is how he’s able to slap the husband with kidnapping and place him on house arrests. Listen, all I have to say, Amanda, we’ve gotta get this on Southern charm. Like immediately I, they missed the boat. Why this woman wasn’t on it? We could all be watching this happen.

Amanda (00:31:13):

I mean, so I am getting like super, just like you are super invested in this story to the point where I watched a 45 minute long interview of Ron raws I don’t know how to say his he’s the wrong husband so that the socialite, her husband and on this there’s this website called Fitz news and they both talk very slowly. So I was able to wa watch it actually in about 25 minutes, cuz I watched it on like 1.5 speed and tube, but what’s interesting. So, okay. First of all, just to give you guys the picture of this guy, he is, has like kind of a longer haircut kind of hairstyles ish. He’s wearing a backwards hat. He is wearing a shirt that t-shirt that says pool boy on it, joggers and Louis Vuitton, tennis shoes. And then he brings a gas can like literally, like, you know, if you run out of gas on the side of the road, like a gas can and it’s him and the guy who’s interviewing him, they’re sitting in two folding chairs inside this church, which not only did they paint pink, he painted at pink and then he’s calling it like the trap church or trap house church or something like that and painted the words trap on it really big on the side of the church.

Amanda (00:32:43):


B (00:32:43):

God how’s track religious

Amanda (00:32:45):

This guy. Yeah. What’s interesting though, is that this guy went to this very conservative Bible college and of course he has, of course he does this very, he seems very like, I, I ha when I tell you his, if you are familiar with the south, like men are generally in like polo shirts, golf shirts, button up shirts. So this guy is not your typical Southern guy and kind of gives off like hill song. Pastor vibes is sort of what I was picking up Yik from him. I guess he built his career. This is all from his interview, by the way. So keep in mind from his point of view, built his career on flipping churches. I guess the church is a piece of property that he built and then gave to a church for free to use for a year or the church moved out. And that’s when he did this. So this, this wronged husband seems very much like a character and this gas can, that he brought to the interview is really interesting because why, what

B (00:33:48):

Was the purpose of the

Amanda (00:33:48):

Gas can, because he’s saying that he’s like lighting this story on fire because what he says, and this is why I’m like, I just, I’m giving you guys this scene just to take everything that he says with a grain of salt, cuz he says that they were trying to keep this private. Cause I guess this has been going on for over a year. And the reason he finally decided to take it to social media is because he was worried that he was not going to get his daughter back and get access to his daughter. Because as you said, he got thrown in jail for, I think it’s five months or didn’t get to see her for five months was under a house arrest for nine. And nobody is, nobody is arguing with that. That is apparently, you know what actually happened, but in keeping it private, he just realized that he wasn’t getting anywhere and that he was legitimately worried that he wasn’t gonna get to his daughter because this Congressman apparently comes from this old, very wealthy Southern family.

Amanda (00:34:50):

And the story, at least according to this wronged husband, is that the, the politician has so many connections and that he was really using them against Ron. So the other thing though, that’s interesting is now that all this has been happening, the Congressman has been pretty much disowned by his family, pulled out of the family will. Wow. The Congressman has also been called publicly a liar by his own sister. Wow. He is not really denying the affair or showing any remorse towards his wife. So, you know, I think it sounds like everybody is kind of, I don’t know, Amanda,

B (00:35:31):

Just listening to this and, and seeing how the congressman’s side, like granted his family can disown him, but he still has the power in, you know, the legal system there. Maybe the husband did all of this, like craziness. Maybe he’s not so crazy, but maybe he felt, this is the only way he would get attention cuz otherwise they would bury it.

Amanda (00:35:51):

Yeah. I mean, I think that’s exactly. I think he was getting small town, you know, I think he was. So I tend to kind of believe the husband. I don’t know that he has really done everything with the class that you would really want to see if you’re this kid’s daughter when you’re growing up later. But I kind of understand it if he’s like, hold on a second, my wife goes and cheats on me and I didn’t do anything wrong. And then I get thrown in jail. I get put under house arrest. I can’t even go into certain parts of town because of this restraining order. So I can’t go and check on my like flip houses and I might lose my daughter just because my wife decides to go and cheat on me with somebody really powerful. So it’s

B (00:36:36):

Amazing stuff still goes on. Like this does not happen in present day in New York. I don’t think <laugh>,

Amanda (00:36:44):

I don’t know if, if it does guys we wanna know about it cuz we’re gonna talk about it.

B (00:36:48):

I wanna know. I wanna know though, the last time the Congressman hung out with Thomas Ravel cuz something tells me their buddies.

Amanda (00:36:55):

Yeah. Well it’s that name? Like? You know that name Ravel cuz it literally the bridge you see in all the pictures of Charleston that is the Ravel bridge. I mean it is like they’re anyway, I’m sure they know each other. So, but speaking of Charleston and Southern charm, I cannot tell you how much I was cackling this week about the INTA drama between Austin and chef Rachel from below deck. I just, I feel like this guy just cannot stay out of trouble.

B (00:37:32):

I feel like this guy can’t get out of his own way. I mean, yeah. He’s not picking up how the game is played. So, you know, chef Rachel, she’s a loose cannon. She actually couple days prior had a tweet about Tyra banks. We know she was on top model and you know, she basically Tyra is looking full figured and she basically called her out like was like, oh it’s okay to be big. I guess it wasn’t when I was on. So people gave her a lot of flack for that. So following that fiasco, she calls out Austin. So there’s some Bravo article about Austin’s big meeting about tr hop and she retweets it and writes cheers to the most narcissistic TW on Bravo <laugh> so, so first Austin reaches out cuz she shared, she shared this, he sees it and he messages her and goes, Rachel question mark, what the <laugh> cause I mean, imagine you’re just scrolling through and you just see like, you know, somebody else from the network, not even a, not even a troll or a blog or whatever, like actually someone from the network doing this.

B (00:38:33):

So then a Bravo exec reaches out and Rachel shared all this. Not only did Rachel share it, but she also kept the Bravo exec’s phone number and name in it, which that’s not good, but she says mm-hmm <affirmative>. So the exec says Rachel it’s blank from Bravo PR. I saw your tweet about Austin from Southern charm. Wanted to reach out it’s none in our best interest to have you saying negative things about other shows on the network. Each show in talent should support each other or just not say anything at all. So Rachel responds just make sure the drunk cokehead knows to not talk about me again and then something else was said, but she cuts that off and we just see the response from the PR rep at Bravo. Understood. But it’d be helpful if I had a little more context, we can make sure he won’t say anything again.

B (00:39:19):

Rachel writes, he was in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. There’s a lot of typos and spelling errors on, on Rachel’s part. So I’m gonna try to, you know, make it so that he was in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale where I live, we met up, but was actually good. Was I met his brewing team. We were all hanging out. He didn’t like the fact that I don’t party and he was doing his whole thing, being an idiot <laugh> he contacted me a few days after then she cuts off and we see the next part, which is Rachel says the guy’s an idiot. Even when him and Shep threw my bag on the floor at upfronts while waiting to do dress rehearsals, the PR rep says, I hear you. It’s rude and unacceptable. I’m sorry you had that experience with them. We’ll have someone speak to him about it, but I would appreciate you removing this tweet since it was a personal incident.

B (00:40:06):

Well, she doesn’t remove the tweet. She puts up a Muppet. She responds don’t make fuzzy bear involved, please. Jim Henson had good intention with his Muppets or somebody posted that somebody posted Muppet and she was like, don’t dis the Muppets and compare them to Austin <laugh> so then she post all this and she writes, I don’t sit down. I stand up. I’m tired of the BS. I refuse to participate in Bravo, K 20, 22 PS, below deck. She went on to say that she’s no longer gonna gonna deal with Bravo, all this stuff. And I mean, as you could imagine, we all witnessed this. It was made my night interesting. But like I’m saying to myself, why does Austin manage to have such conflict with women? Like he even had a blow, remember in winter house with Amanda and Amanda’s like the most easy person to get along with. I mean the guy just can’t help himself.

Amanda (00:40:59):

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Amanda (00:42:06):

Yeah, I think, I don’t know. I think it all comes out with, I think he’s got some anger about maybe not being as successful as he should be. I think, I don’t know. I, I think there’s there’s the guy needs maybe to go and get a little therapy and like get his head in order and maybe lay, lay off on the partying. Cuz I mean, if you’re drinking too much and like that’s just constant anxiety too. Right? Right. Every day, if you don’t remember everything you said or did the night before, like that’s not a good place. And not that I’m saying that that’s the case with him, but everyone’s saying that he parties too much. So I’m just allegedly guessing that that could be contributing to some of his behavior.

B (00:42:52):

Right. I agree. And then, so then we get this email and I <laugh>, I have to take this email for a Joe, Amanda, but I’m gonna read it because it made me giggle.

Amanda (00:43:01):

It’s funny.

B (00:43:01):

So it’s from Austin’s email anonymous, Austin in financial route ruin pat giving him job Austin’s beer business is not selling. So his parents told him he’s cut off their tab. He’s gonna be taking up a Butler job at the grand da Dame plantation to make ends meet and support his lavish lifestyle. Now this is on the heels of, so the night this all happened, miss Patricia posted a picture of her Whitney and Austin out to eat. And it said, we know where all the bodies are buried. So I guess the person who sent this probably saw that and was like, oh, maybe he’s getting a job. I mean, I, first of all, I think chop hop does do well. I think it’s in, I can’t think of the name of the supermarkets, but it’s in whatever their major supermarket is. I think he’s doing fine financially. I, I think that this is a joke. I mean, Amanda, this is a joke, right?

Amanda (00:43:55):

I mean, I think it’s a hundred percent a joke. We know people really enjoy trolling him. And part of it, I think is we’ve said this before, like he doesn’t respond to the trolling. Well, which just encourages more of the trolling. So I, 100% do not believe this because I also just think Patricia knows that he’ll make a Butler <laugh> but poor Patricia, like she’s just getting the heat lately. My goodness. I

B (00:44:24):

I’ve been she’s gotta like it. Otherwise. Why would she be on the show? Lord knows you need the money. I don’t know. Right. I think that Austin really needs like, like a personal assistant to literally everything. He’s gonna say, the person <laugh> hears and then edits it for him because he can’t get himself out of trouble.

Amanda (00:44:44):

He really can’t.

B (00:44:45):

Oh, and random little tidbit Lev’s show, you know, the working title was level land. It’s actually being changed to Southern hospitality. Love it. Same production company. ASPR I do have to wonder, like if I’m Leva, I want my name in the show. So I don’t know if she loves that, but I love that. I think it’s a cool name.

Amanda (00:45:06):

I like the name better too. I think making it level land makes it just all about her and it should real. And she probably just was like, well, Vanderpump rules had her name in it, so mine should be, should have it in it too. Which I just don’t really. I think Love’s great, but I don’t put her on the same level as I do Lisa Vanderpump. No.

B (00:45:25):

And even her role on the show, I think she basically is what Cameron was, which is just that like, you know, she’s settled into married life with a child and these are her, her friends and she kind of helps them sort through their shenanigans. And I think that’s why this show will be great for her because she’s the boss and the kids report to her. And I think that that’s the role she’s comfortable in.

Amanda (00:45:47):

Okay. So moving on to Atlanta and the whole fight with Marlowe and Kenya, I, I wanna talk, I’m like, I’m so curious cuz you and I haven’t had a chance to talk about this and we got some scoop on the real reason the trip was cut short, which makes it make a little bit more sense because watching it before I knew that I’m like, I don’t really understand why are we staying in the driveway for so long? This doesn’t like somebody would leave or somebody would go back inside and be like, screw this. Like, let’s go have drinks. Like the fact that they’re sitting in the driveway was very strange

B (00:46:26):

And this is a pot exclusive. We haven’t posted it. We saved it for you. Lovely cocktails who tune in. All right. So here it goes from blue Ridge email driveway, blue subject two hours in the driveway. The reason they spent two hours at the driveway on their cast trip is not only because of the Marlow Kenya fight. Marlow said something about the paternity of Kenya’s daughter, which can affect her pending divorce. That’s why Kenya was seen calling someone on the phone throughout the episode and talking to the producers throughout the episode, eventually Marlow did contact Kenya’s ex-husband for T that that was after the trip. We’re gonna see the aftermath of that. Later this season that morning, an executive producer did test positive for COVID. So production was a mess and eventually they cut the trip short, not, you know, the BS reasons that Marlow claimed also when they film scenes its stores and restaurants on these shows, production arrives in advance to set up clear up the space when production arrives at the gem mining place, there were more offensive signs than what was shown on the show.

B (00:47:38):

So it took longer for them to clean up. All of these incidents caused the delay for two hours. So this is, you know, two parts of this they’re explaining the delay. I don’t know. I don’t know who over there who won Atlanta likes us, Amanda, but I had been getting some good tea and you know the stuff we shared earlier in the season about Atlanta we’ve ended up seeing on screen. So Atlanta fans tuned in boy, because I get stuff before it’s shown. Apparently thank you to whoever you are. <Laugh> you know, I gotta say, I’m just gonna say this and then I wanna hear how you feel. I came into this so excited for Marlow. I am so disappointed. I’m disappointed in I’m just disappointed on so many levels. The Kenya thing being, she’s always been cruel to Kenya and now to do this, when you know she is in a divorce, it is not a secret there.

B (00:48:27):

This is not an allegation. Her ex-husband is difficult. Kenya has been very open. It reminds me of Bethany and Jason and no one on that case, dared dared to make that situation worse for Bethany, any woman, mother, not mother, you are a woman. You see another woman being treated wrongly by her former spouse. And you’re gonna make a, a custody situation difficult for her. I’m out. I am out on Marlow. No backies for me. I, you know, a lot of people can’t forgive poor excuse me, Fedra for what she did to candy. Rightfully so with that whole storyline years ago, she got cut. I think if this is true, if what we’re reading and hearing is true, Marlow should be out on her, Don.

Amanda (00:49:17):

Yeah. I, I totally agree. I don’t understand why she’s gone so hard on Kenya too. And I get it in the past. Kenya has done some like real stuff, but again, at this point when Kenya is going through such a situation for Marlo to be like a dog with a phone going after her, it just, it, it just feels gross to me. And you know, I think there’s, there’s, you know, that feeder situation you butt up, there’s this Marlo situation. Why

B (00:49:48):

Does Marlo hate her so much? Did IMO? Is it just jealousy?

Amanda (00:49:53):

If, if you’re having a party and somebody brings a marching band in with a competing brand <laugh> I mean made for great TV, but I mean, I think that’s a friendship ender probably, but at the same time, it’s like,

B (00:50:11):

That’s a joke it’s being filmed. Everybody’s business still got PR and publicity. Right? Okay. That’s appropriate to the scope of reality television messing with somebody’s custody of their child is not.

Amanda (00:50:24):

And if

B (00:50:26):

This is just so listen, I hope this is not true. And we don’t hear about this and it goes away. But I, you know, as I said, whoever, this is sending it, all the other stuff they’ve sent, we’ve seen on TV so

Amanda (00:50:39):

Well, and I mean, there’s a million reasons that you and I have talked about never wanting to be like a house I put for, you know, this stuff gets real real. And to be, to be talking about it’s, it’s just like when Vicky tried to put out that stuff about Eddie Tamara’s husband, right. Being gay. And like, I, the fact that they came back and they have a friendship, I still cannot quite understand or believe it. But, you know, I think the other thing, like, I don’t blame Marlow for feeling the way that she did about Kenya kind of coming late and being shady about not staying in the same house. But I actually totally agreed with, I think it was Sonya who was like, why even come, you know, like this is supposed to be about Marlow and this, this is supposed to be like, why just, why, why even come? Especially when you know there’s gonna be a fight. So because

B (00:51:32):

Production later, come on.

Amanda (00:51:34):


B (00:51:34):

You’re right. They want, they want them all there. I mean,

Amanda (00:51:36):

You’re right. Yeah. But I, I agree. And honestly, with Marlow, I, as a mother, I understand the need for a break, but I don’t think that what I’m finding really hard to forgive is that she took in these boys, she made a big deal out of it. And you know, they have had a really hard life. It sounds like according to Marlow. Right. And that she would kick them out like that

B (00:52:04):

And then shuts them off on her sister who works full time. And has I forget how many young children of her own, I’m sorry. Of course. I’m so turned off by her. I think as a friend, I really never looked at her. I always took her for like the comedy and the, and the mesh she brought. Right. And now that I’m really getting to know her I’m, I’m not, I’m not for it. I’m not with it.

Amanda (00:52:26):

Yeah. I, yeah. I just, I, those poor boys, I just, I just, I really struggle with, with this decision making on her, on her behalf. So,

B (00:52:38):

And like I’m on the production cuz as we’re having this conversation and we’re moving into Beverly Hills, like we both just said how it gets too real. And I feel like that’s my complaint with <laugh> with Beverly Hills is that it doesn’t get real at all. So I don’t know. There has to be a happy balance between like showing us what’s really going on whilst also not messing with your co-stars custody. So let’s read it. Let’s hop into the blind. Yes. That I posted. And you know, Amanda, we posted this before the season even aired before there was a trailer. So I remember you and I guessing like, who’s this about

Amanda (00:53:15):


B (00:53:16):

So now I’m gonna read it and everyone’s gonna know who it’s about. Cuz it’s quite obvious. Storyline shift, the west coast housewife didn’t suddenly develop a drinking, drinking and pill problem. Yes. She has a lot going on, but this whole narrative is an effort to take the focus away from her legal issues. Her acting a mass drunk and disorderly is an attempt to shift her storyline, not buying it allegedly. So who’s that about?

Amanda (00:53:45):

<Laugh> I mean, I’m very much guessing this is about Erica. We’ve just come out of the episode where now I guess we’re on like the third episode maybe about, it’s not just Erica letting loose, but like Erica is having some problematic behavior. So her singing over, it just, it feels like such a call for attention. And

B (00:54:14):

I’m sorry, Amanda. I’ve been lit many times. I don’t shout. I’m lit. I’m so lit. Like nobody who’s blacked out. Does that you act like an absolute moron. Yes. But you don’t keep saying it and your friend ran. Doesn’t like go, oh my God. Look at her. Look at her. She’s so come on, come on enough.

Amanda (00:54:32):

I know. And I mean, I have plenty of friends who have been on one antidepressant or another and I mean, I don’t know, I and still could have drinks and then wouldn’t, wouldn’t go like insane. It’s just almost

B (00:54:49):

Intervention with Erica and Mikey and Rena. I fast forwarded. I, I am like, I’m not watching this

Amanda (00:54:56):

<Laugh> yeah. I, but when you said that about saying I’m so lit you’re so right. Cause I was thinking that exact same thing when they’re in Mexico and then it just, it just feels very put on like, you know, what would be funny if I sing louder than Diana’s boyfriend at this party. Right. But I, you know, one of the things about people who are used to conning other people, and again, I’m not saying anything about anybody, but magicians are very good at saying, look at this thing over here while I’m going to do my slide of hand over here. So you don’t notice it. Right. Right. Like that is, that is what magicians that is quote unquote magic is distracting people. So they don’t see what’s really happening. And then they say it’s a trick. So it’s funny because I was thinking about that this morning because I went down yet another rabbit hole, which is crazy town. And I shared it. I was, I shared it with you to be like, have you been reading this? So yes. Huge shout out to Bravo, Bravo ducking, Bravo on Instagram. She does these like deep dives by such a great, oh my gosh. Love that account. Yes. But she, she like a detective. She checks all these public records and then has other people helping her. She had the, my family Jeanie also

B (00:56:26):

Loved her. Anything like she, oh my God. She, she finds people’s family and like check her out. Great. Two great accounts.

Amanda (00:56:34):

Okay. So bear with me. This is another crazy rabbit hole guys, but this person named Nicholas FIPs white filed two separate lawsuits. This year. One was against bank of America and Merrill Lynch. And the other was against a title company. So title as in who holds the title to homes, a title company, which was also allegedly involved in this situation. So both are regarding kind of the same situation. He’s just suing two different parties for their different roles in it. So the first one says that bank of America and Merrill Lynch were negligent for allowing Erica and Tom Gerardi to miss appropriate 27 billion that allegedly belonged to Nick Phillips white.

B (00:57:29):

That’s a lot of money

Amanda (00:57:31):

That back in it gets crazier. Just, just get just buckle in guys that back in June, 2019, Erica and her son pretended to be Nick and his wife at the bank, and that the Ardis then filed a false death certificate so that Erica could be the widow and beneficiary. This lawsuit alleges that Tom used a fake Italian passport and pretended to be Nick’s father that this 27 billion that Nick had that was supposedly Nick, according to this lawsuit, came from a settlement from the government in cash and gold bullion <laugh>, which is like gold bricks, which I didn’t how you even, I haven’t

B (00:58:22):


Amanda (00:58:23):

I don’t wanna get

B (00:58:24):

Gold bullion since ducktails <laugh>

Amanda (00:58:28):

And it, it gold fluctuates daily. I don’t really that part. I don’t, it makes me really question a lot, but anyway, but that, that is the money that he says the Gerardi stole. So it looks like so as Bravo, Bravo, ducky, Bravo did some digging. It does look like Tom Gerardi did work with Nick FIPs white back in 2019 on a different case where Nick FIPs white publicly said, Hey, Tom, Gerardi won me 6 billion back from the Southern deal. But this is where it gets even crazier. I mean, pop culture, people are just gonna absolutely just jaw drop. The lawsuit says that the ESE then use the money to buy spelling mansion. Wait in 2019. Wait,

B (00:59:18):

Wait. As in Tori, Tori

Amanda (00:59:19):

Spelling, Aaron spelling, candy spelling with the gift wrapping room

B (00:59:25):

At 9 0 2 1 oh

Amanda (00:59:26):

Yes. And it was known. I don’t know if it’s still to be, but it was known when it was built to be the most expensive piece of real estate in, I don’t know if the us, but in California. So it is, it is a very notorious, iconic piece of property. So they’re saying that the Jardi did this under this LLC, and then Nick couldn’t access the mansion because it was by the LLC who stole his money. So this, this could be the biggest case of identity theft that we’ve ever heard. So then the lawsuit alleges that the us department of justice is somehow involved. And then again, another, you gotta love all the Bravo ties to this, that Mauricio Yu, Mansky, Kyle’s husband and Rick Hilton Kathy’s husband were also involved in the escrow piece of the real estate transaction. And that’s who the other lawsuit is against is the title company.

Amanda (01:00:26):

Then the lawsuit says, Erica, Gerardi using the fake name, Erica white and Erica Salazar accessed some of these stolen funds by using 25 debit cards. And that these debit cards helped fund her lavish lifestyle. The lawsuit asks for a billion in damages to be paid by the escrow company and for this Nick FIPs whites name to be put on the deed for spelling mansion. What is interesting, like I said, is that there is paperwork showing both Mauricio’s company as well, the agency and brick Hilton’s company listed on that transaction, whether that is real paperwork. I, you know, you and I, we just read about this stuff. We don’t authenticate any of it. Okay. So continuing on Nick says that with the money, the Gerard stole, they also put some of the money into a trust and that Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Joe Biden were named as trustees on the trust, stop

B (01:01:29):


Amanda (01:01:30):

<Laugh>. And that bank of America had knowledge of the fraud and didn’t do anything to stop it. So the lawsuit asked for 16 billion from bank of America and 11 billion from Merrill Lynch. So there’s so much, that’s so weird about all of this. I, I don’t think that there’s gonna the allegations yeah. To jump in.

B (01:01:51):

Okay guys, if this is true, there’s so much to prove, you know, I, I can’t even wrap my head around if this is true, Amanda, I’m just done in, in a general sense. I’m just a robot and I’m going about life in a completely different way, cuz this is bat crazy.

Amanda (01:02:09):

It, it, it is. And which is why I don’t necessarily believe it because I don’t, I haven’t seen anything that really proves that Nick had the $27 billion. Right. If there was anything about a government settlement who knows while he was here’s, what else is sketchy? Right. So what’s interesting is there’s a lot of real people. If you, you can dig and I highly recommend you do go to this and go to Bravo, Bravo ducking, Bravo, go to their highlights, click on Nick, FIPs white to read about this, cuz there’s a lot of real people who are named in this, right? And while he was apparently born a billionaire, he also apparently lived in a downtown Los Angeles apartment that runs for about 4,000 a month. And his ex-wife lived in a house valued at $200,000 where in Los Angeles, which I don’t even know what 2000 hundred thousand dollars can even get you anywhere in California. So anyway, check it out. It’s very entertaining. Let’s see what happens with it.

B (01:03:13):

I’m checking this out. I did see some of it, but I didn’t like go in depth and you, you know, you spoke to me yesterday and you were like, I don’t even go in. I want your reaction on the podcast. <Laugh> I I’m like, listen, that was a great way to wrap this up because I really want us all to figure this out. Because if this is true, I mean gold bars. Where, where am I? Eighties, nineties babies who remember ducktails that’s the only time I’ve ever seen gold bars. And then we have the president of the United States and we also have Mauricio and Rick Hilton, what? Oh, oh. And let’s not forget the spelling family,

Amanda (01:03:49):

The spelling family. I mean you guys, I think the key to this whole mystery is who is behind this LLC who owns spelling mansion. Oh, cause I forgot to even say this too. Nick says that he’s still getting the bills for the electricity. <Laugh> for spelling mansion.

B (01:04:05):

Oh my God.

Amanda (01:04:07):

I mean, he’s having to pay like $18,000 a month power bills for the mansion that he can’t even access. So I don’t know it. This is so crazy. I don’t know. But you know, speaking of Beverly Hills, I’ve

B (01:04:22):

Never felt so normal in my life.

Amanda (01:04:24):

I mean the day that I get an 18,000, I mean, you better be able to get into that house if, if you’re paying the bill. My God. So, okay. Beverly Hills again, one of the Housewives is on watch what happens live this week.

B (01:04:41):

Oh right. Oh God. Do you wanna

Amanda (01:04:44):

Do? Cause I didn’t see it. I haven’t seen it yet. So do you wanna share? I

B (01:04:48):

Actually didn’t see it either, but I started getting messages and apparently Brandy was on watch what happens live. And she talked about pegging someone <laugh>. So all my followers were like, who did she peg? So, you know, I had to do a question box. We got a lot of Gerard Butler who she very, very briefly dated. So like that makes sense. Also another follower said that she whispered it to Andy and he was like, oh duh. So if he said, oh duh, then it’s gotta be somebody. So like, okay. Gerard Butler would make sense cuz they dated Denise also ADA. But then like a certain prince came up and apparently he’s trending on Twitter for pegging. So cocktails let’s be on this let’s <laugh>

Amanda (01:05:32):

Yes. Let’s do we need your investigative skills

B (01:05:35):

From now? So this is your homework. Okay guys, let’s look into the prince and Brandy and pegging and next week we’ll follow up.

Amanda (01:05:45):

All I’m gonna say is the timing is quite interesting given her appearance. And then this also this trending Twitter conversation about what’s it called prince of pegging, hashtag prince of pegging

B (01:06:00):

And like

Amanda (01:06:00):

Both happened and like, but within 24 hours, like within the same 24 hours

B (01:06:06):

And Amanda, we do know all roads lead to Bravo.

Amanda (01:06:10):

I mean, it’s true.

B (01:06:11):

I believe there’s more than the mansion story.

Amanda (01:06:14):

I <laugh>, I think there’s something shady about this mansion story, but I, I, yeah. I don’t know that. I believe that one. I I’m just glad that you’re not making me explain what pegging is. <Laugh>

B (01:06:26):

Guys, Google pegging. I am, you know, I am not, I am not comfortable. I’m not comfortable. <Laugh> I’m not comfortable.

Amanda (01:06:33):

I nobody’s kink shaving here. I just like it’s it’s like nobody wants, I don’t wanna no, I urban dictionary does it way better than I do. Yes. <laugh> yeah.

B (01:06:45):

Go with that. <Laugh> not Taylor.

Amanda (01:06:47):

Well, thanks

B (01:06:47):

Guys. Thank you so much for tuning in as always. I’m sorry to keep interrupting you Amanda, but we’re having, you’re not, we’re having too much fun guys. And you know, when friends chat, they have fun and they talk over each other and if you don’t have friendships like that, then I feel sorry for you.

Amanda (01:07:00):

<Laugh> yeah. Guys, go do your homework and tell us what’s really happening. And thank you guys so much for tuning in. Please do hit those three little dots. If you’re on apple and hit follow, hit, follow on any other place where you’re getting your podcast, because we will pop right up in your inbox on Thursday mornings. So thank you guys for listening. We are so appreciative that we get to have these conversations and we get so much great feedback from you guys about the stuff that we’re bringing exclusively to the podcast.

B (01:07:35):

You guys are the best till next week.

Amanda (01:07:37):

Talk to you soon.

Speaker 3 (01:07:45):

Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you subscribed go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good teeth, because the ones who don’t care about teeth, then like forget them. And don’t forget. Find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram. <Laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys. See you next time.