Baby daddy…

Aug 25, 2022

Yes. The man who loves to have babies, we posted a blind a while ago that there were three more on the way but that they would be announced slowly. So 2 have been announced. Expect a 3rd announcement ! Allegedly
allegedly from


  1. Drizzu

    Nick Cannon…at this point it’s a cult!

  2. Ali

    Lord….another Cannon ??‍♀️

    • curious

      Where is the original post?

  3. No Nono

    Dear lord save us all from this man’s testicles.

    • Nana

      If you have a million babies….no one is getting $$$…..ladies u less your into sister wives world…..he’s not going to make you a millionaire

  4. Lisa

    Nick Cannon needs to keep it and his super Sonic sperm in his pants ??

  5. Kate

    We know Alyssa is expecting a baby too. I can’t help but be happy for her after the tragic loss of their little Zen!

  6. Mariah’

    Nick Cannon?

  7. A Loose Canon

    The actual definition of dirty dick ?

    • No way

      I think the one is pregnant with twins again. So that would make 3!

  8. Kasey

    I don’t know who’s worse Nick Cannon or the women letting him do this! They have to know what they’re getting themselves into NO? Nick Cannon Sister Wives. ??‍♀️

  9. Loose lips

    Soooo Abby, Brittany and Alyssa??

    • Gross Cannon

      Yes! AND an ex named Lanisha, so 4 currently pregnant. Lanisha’s BFF/BF/business partner isn’t the father.

  10. Tr

    He is GROSS but these women are thick af and thirsty because they keep letting him go back and forth between them all. It’s so odd. No one has any respect for themselves in this group. I feel sorry on for Mariah Carey and her kids who are damaged by association.

  11. Keep it in your pants

    Is he trying to get a new show???

  12. Jessi

    The Supreme Court needs to be less worried about regulating women’s bodies and more worried about Nick Cannon’s body!!!!

  13. Magenta Yenta

    At this point he needs to go all in and take a page from the George Foreman Guide to Naming Your Children.
    It’s a concise read.


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