Aug 24, 2022

From: BH Imploding

Subject: Problems

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They’re all worried . The ones that did it, maybe less so. The rest , feel implicated based on what we’ve seen. To be clear, one person did this. But not one persons hands are dirty, all of a sudden they’re shocked she went this far? Executives are LIVID.

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  1. Amanda

    Diana reposted the bravo post now. Trying to clean up her act. So embarrassing.

  2. Big Lips or Lip Licker?

    Wait so was it Diana or Rinna

    • A different B

      I feel like it must be diana as she has more money. This would be expensive and I would think easier for Diana to pay than Rinna.

      Great name btw.

      • Bots are cheap

        You can actually go on sites and purchase 100 comments for like $25 dollars. Regular influencers pay for bots as followers and comments to boost engagement all the time to get bigger brand deals. Even her fans would’ve been able to afford to do it in her name

  3. Accountability

    Bravo need to be held accountable, whilst they made an affective statement about holding the fans accountable you’d have to be pretty dim to think this is a fan/s handy work. In fact, I think they are deflecting and clearly think we’re stupid.

    • Rinnaneedstogoalso

      Bravo thinks the fans are stupid, I mean it wasn’t that long ago the Dr Tiffany Moon was also experiencing this from a costar/coworker

  4. Lip Licker

    Diana…. Let’s not forget this evil woman has ties to Epstein

  5. Cancel them ASAP

    Guess me guess…the 3 that went on vacation together…lip licker, stone cold, and lips. Anyone involved should be fired!!!! These women have gone too far.

    • Jan M

      I totally agree

    • three stooges

      10000000% – I think during her trip, where she was served at the airport coming back, is where all this was planned. It makes sense considering the photo taken of her where she looks PISSED and then getting served plus whatever is unfolding on tv, was probably the icing on the cake. ALL THREE OF THEM are in cahoots – Diana just pulled the trigger.

    • Licked Lips Sink Ships

      I was thinking the same thing! They just came off vacation together where they b*tched the entire time and then money bags lip licker took it too far. The others were probably told and therefore complicit but didn’t have the guts to stop her or speak up.

  6. RH Junkie

    Either Erika or Diana

  7. Madison Lecroy

    But which one did it? Can we get more intel!

  8. Called it

    Diana and Erika behind the harassment of Garcelle’s son.

  9. He

    So you say….

  10. Dirty Jenkins

    That’s what you get when you phone in the assignment for seasons and then throw in someone with a very shady past to boost ratings – you can’t control them and they break the number one rule children are not to be messed with.

  11. Jess

    They should all be shook

  12. Just say'n

    What these women did to Garcelle is horrific. The guilty ones should not only be fired but perhaps a lawsuit is in order. You cannot go after children…anybody’s children… they deal with enough bullying in life. And Bravo’s response was a day late and a dollar short

    • Clink Clink

      All of this!!

  13. Kk

    Diana bought the bots. Lisa & Erika are worried. Guilty by association.. and well bc I’m sure she had their support. Time to do what’s right for once… this is indefensible.

  14. Lol Bravo doesn’t care

    I think using bots to attack other housewives on social media is par for the course, and Bravo knows it but ignores it because they like the buzz it generates. But now they’re forced to acknowledge it because it got racist. I won’t believe they care unless they fire the one who bought the bots AND the ones who encouraged it.

    • Too far

      I think the majority of the outrage was because the attack wasn’t aimed at Garcelle, it was aimed at her 14 year old son. He is a minor, he should be off limits. And then the comments turned racist and hit a new level of vile and despicable. Bravo needs to react more strongly then just a generic statement put out on insta.

      • Trishee

        This. 100%.

        When it was Erika’s son—already an adult.

        When it was Kyle’s daughter—I may be wrong, but I don’t think show was airing at the time. Not saying lack of response was right, it wasn’t.

  15. BravoCT

    Diana might have financed it, but I don’t believe she is smart or savvy enough to come up with the idea on her own. I say a Rinna and Erika came up with the idea…..

  16. Lisa

    Why didn’t Kyle get the same treatment and sincerity when this happened to her child around the same age?


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