From: OWN IT!

Subject: She claims she’s not going anywhere when in fact it is the polar opposite ! XD

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It’s ironic how this self proclaimed soap actress wants to come on here and send you anonymous tea claiming she isn’t going anywhere. When in fact it’s the complete opposite ! She’s only saying because she knows her time is up and is only doing it to save face ! It’s very sad if I say so myself. Knowing someone on the production team, there have been very heated conversations about her future on the show. In the end, it has been decided that her time is up. But you’ll soon see that big changes are coming for this franchise. In summary… The soap actress along with her rich newbie friend are gone. The true fan favorites, the OG and the fraudster appear to be safe and keeping their same roles. The one with the fake accent and the housewife that’s in her sophomore season are having their roles questioned. But the sophomore seasoned housewife has gone up to producers saying she may not want to do this anymore after this season. The OG’s sister will keep her same role and the ex-wife of the actor who’s slap was heard across the world will likely keep her same roll too. Watch out ! Big changes are coming !!

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