Family karma tea…

Aug 23, 2022

From: Karma Varma

Subject: Family Karma break ups

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Monica has not posted on IG or posted stories. She has unfollowed Rish and he has removed all pics. They are no longer tagged in any photos together and hes been posting how hes living life. A friend of mine lives near her in Miami and she’s hoping to leave Family Karma to keep her family life private

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  1. They don’t all live in Miami

    Can we stop saying she lives in Miami!!!! Love this show so much but half the cast lives in Broward County. Monica lives in Pembroke Pines, a city in Broward County.

    • 305forever

      As someone who is from Miami, I call all of south Florida (Broward and miami) Miami- not sure why, but it’s pretty common.

    • Not Miami

      I think for people like me who live outside of FL, Miami is commonly known and since it’s close probably why they refer to it that way. They could say north of Miami and it would give us non FL people the general area. But of course Miami sounds more chic.

  2. Gillian

    Oh wow, why did they break up?


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