Bots ?

Aug 23, 2022

From: Anon ymous

Subject: Bots

Spill It to
She did buy the bots, but a few people are in on it and encouraged it. Two of them have stayed quiet on the matter. One of them condemned it publicly to save face.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Nels

    100 % Erika and Lisa R with Diana. When will Lisa realize everything Is traceable ? Did she learn nothing from the last Insta scandal ?

  2. Nels

    100 % Erika and Lisa R with Diana. When will Lisa realize everything Is traceable ? Did she learn nothing from the last Insta scandal ? These women need to be let go asap.

  3. Talia

    So Diana is the one who did it. Rinna is the one condemning it save face. Erika is the 2nd one in on it that has stayed quiet. Which leaves Dorit as the 3rd one seeing as she has stayed quiet on it too. I actually don’t believe Kyle has anything to do with this

    • Dorito

      She commented on Garcelle’s post saying it was not ok.

  4. FF5

    This has Diana as the ring leader written all over it, with support from Rinna, Erika and Kyle. Absolutely disgusting of them, but especially Kyle with a daughter around the same age.

    • Over it.

      I’ve noticed all the supportive comments on sdj’s IG… most of them seemed like bots.. she’s trying to do damage control to her reputation. lips and the criminal are definitely in on it.

      • Bianca

        True, every comment is from a private acc. Mmm hmmmm

    • Kim

      I don’t believe Rinna would go after kids. This is hearsay.

  5. Bh

    Rinna saving face & Erika ?. Seems like Diana is the only one with THAT much money ?

  6. Confused

    Crystal has t said anything either ??

    • Jk

      Didn’t say anything publicly. I’d contact a friend directly not for fan credit.

    • POSCHE

      Crystal commented on Garcelle’s post

    • JJ

      She responded and posted the Bravo message. Jax reposted crystal, Kathy, and Sutton post.

  7. Real Hypocrites of BH

    Notice how Rinna didn’t allow anyone to dm on that story she posted condemning it… She knows people know what’s really going on but still trying to get away with it. This is real life, not a soap. Actions have consequences and I hope theirs comes in the form of being fired. Bravo please dispose of your trash properly this time.

    • Bots

      Send this to Elon Musk

    • Lint Lickers

      Why doesn’t Garcelle tell him to set his account to private? Then bots can’t comment on his posts.

  8. Jess

    I was looking through the followers and likes from the 4 accounts & almost all were either no posts, private, or started uploading since March 15th.. it’s an entire bot ring – that’s why all of them follow those 4 accounts to give them 100k+ followers

  9. Disgusting Diana

    My guess, Diana bought the bots and Erika and Rinna encouraged her. And I’m sure Kyle and Dorit know about this. All of these women are disgusting. Karma will get them.

  10. Lip licking bots

    To those saying they’ve been silent: Crystal and Dorit both commented on Garcelle’s post (for whatever that’s worth). This whole thing reeks of Diana. Disgusting!

  11. GH

    Diana is the ? behind them, Lisa for the public statement, Erika for the other involved. I don’t think Kyle and Dorit are in on this, mostly because neither has tried to buy bots for all the shit they have gotten this season…and let’s be honest…they care more about themselves looking good than going after someone else.

    • CC79


  12. E

    Diana I’m guessing. Kyle is friends with garcelle so I doubt she even knew about it same with Dorit. Erika was probably also in on it since she doesn’t like Garcelle.

  13. The blue bunny

    Ugh the Ludacris Lip duo

  14. I have your number 867-5309

    I knew Rinna only posted that condemnation to her story to save face. I wanna guess that she and Diana enlisted the help of that Patrick Sommers guy who had beef with Rinna and they both doxxed each other.

  15. No way

    Yo, some of those comments from the bots were EXTREMELY racist. Everyone involved needs to be fired. This isn’t lame manufactured show drama. This is real down home racism. Whoever bought them AND whoever encouraged it need to be fired.


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