About the Bay Area filming…

Aug 22, 2022

From one of the ladies filming the new show:

I can confirm there is not a single Marin woman, they are all in San Francisco proper… I spent all weekend filming. Intense. It’s a production company associated with Bravo. I’m exhausted. 4 married, 1 engaged and 1 single. I can tell you all the women are intelligent .


  1. Ummmmm


  2. KK

    If it gets picked up, it’s going to be wild. MANY attempts at filming a reality show here about women friends have been made but they can never get enough ‘prominent’ women on board. People here like their privacy and don’t want to be portrayed negatively on TV.

    I’d bet you anything the women they got are influencers and maybe a bored tech exec wife or two.

    If they really did score some amazing and intelligent women, I’d love to watch that bc there are a lot of them here.

  3. No dummies here

    The intelligent comment ??? like why was that even added

  4. Emmaline

    “all the women are intelligent”- is this hinting that it’s a M2M spinoff?

  5. Yay area

    If this is true, this will definitely be good. The Bay Area has multiple areas filled with insanely rich people, and it would be great to see on tv.

  6. Yay Area

    I’ve heard the same thing, from friends who have lived in the bay their whole lives, that the rich people there like their privacy and/or don’t boast about being rich. Must be transplant women


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