They’re judging her…

Aug 21, 2022

From: Tammy Knickerlocker

Subject: They are judging her…

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A certain OC housewife’s return hasn’t been as smooth as she thought it would be. The cast hate her and don’t want to film with her. She hosted a dinner where she planned to out them all for things they’ve said about her exit but was met with a mountain of comments she’s made in the press, on her podcast and on her social media about the cast. The production have brought in newbies for her to film with but the OG cast really aren’t interested in dealing with her. They don’t trust nor like her. It’s flopping hard. She may have Judge in her name, but she’s the one that’s on trial.

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  1. FlyGirl

    She understands the assignment

  2. Someone with taste

    Fine fire them all and keep Tamra

  3. Slow your roll Em

    Did Emily write this? Also the only OGs on the cast are Heather and Tamra.

    • Karen

      And Shannon has been on without a break

    • Tammy Sue Sucks

      Neither of them are OG’s if we wanna get real technical about it ?

  4. Why?

    So the cast is refusing to film with her because they want her return to flop as much as fancy pants did. Tamera is the best chance they have at reviving OC and fans love her. Why would they want to see her fail?

    • Judge-Me not

      She’s a liar that’s why they don’t like her.

  5. TamraMakesMeSleepy

    Freaking GOOD. Hope this completely backfires on her. She’s banked on treating people like shi+ and playing it off like it’s a joke (let’s get her “naked wasted”). It ain’t cute and it’s super tired. Just stay away already, Tamra. Go finish packing up that gym equipment.

    • Vinoandohno


    • Jk

      She was so sweet on the girls trip as a guise to wedge her way back in. Now that she is in her true colors are shown.

  6. Titsmcgee

    Well everyone else on that cast can go. Gina and Emily has been a flop since day one. So was Heather.

  7. Niterzzz

    Not surprised by this at all. Old habits die hard and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks lol

  8. Hoe 4 sho

    I hope they really ruffle Heathers feathers this season. I want some real drama- no pre written, pre produced heather dubrow garbage.

  9. Samantha

    And all of us excited about her return shrug our shoulders and giggle… cuz this is why we are excited. Ain’t no one gonna keep Tammy Jo down!

  10. Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

    Tamara and Heather were friends after Heather left. I think Heather even had her on her podcast and talked about why H unfollowed everyone. When did their friendship end? What happened?

  11. TT

    That’s because they’re threatened by her! I am so glad she’s back. Half the rest of the cast could go, and I wouldn’t even care

  12. Letsnotforgetnakedwastedtamrat

    Good!! Tamrat is a lying piece if shit. Bringing just her back was dumb, it should have been her and Vicki. They’re funny together. Alone just showcases how horrible they really are. At least together they could make us laugh.

    Ugh and stop listening to that horrible podcast, it just keeps dumb ass Teddi around longer.
    Sorry, end rant Lol

  13. Eddie

    Please, God, let this be true. Is it too much credit given to think this was the producers’ plan all along? Tamra is so easy to hate.


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