Diamond debacle!

Aug 21, 2022

From: beverly hill
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Subject: Diamond Debacle

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The status of the RHOBH cast going into season 13 is still up in the air as of now. Bravo knows that with so many ad dollars riding on RHOBH as their cash cow franchise, the casting choices are more critical than ever. Producers felt that having 8 full time housewives was too much to juggle this season and definitely want to make some cuts to their bloated cast. On the other hand, higher up execs are hesitant to cut veteran cast members but with the surging popularity of Garcelle and Sutton along with good ratings this season, they may now be more open to the idea. While nothing is set in stone, the most likely BH housewives to be on the chopping block are Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins. Execs see those two as taking up too much screen time and taking away from other storylines they see potential in and have faith that Erika can take her place as the primary “villain” of RHOBH. They did give Erika a pay boost going into season 12 and despite many fans hating her, they see her as a ratings draw. The reunion will be the final chance for those on thin ice to show why they should stay on the show. And allegedly, Rinna may plan to make unexpected waves with Kyle at the reunion in order to keep her job and bring up some surprising rumors.

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  1. Dixcgirl

    Andy won’t fire Rinna. I just can’t believe it. I would like to never see her again… but… nah….

    • They Have It Wrong

      Erika is not the draw, it is seeing Garcelle and Sutton drag her, every single episode…

    • HBT

      I agree completely. Sick of her but I think he would get rid of Dorit well before Rinna.

      • Boring chips

        I think they will keep Dorit only for the Mauricio rumors happening. But if Kyle goes, the only thing that would keep Dorit is if LVP comes back because she really doesn’t have a storyline. It’s not like she can fake another robbery.

        • Borit

          Apparently Dorit was supposed to be fired this past season but she was allowed back bc of the robbery because they felt belt. She’s boring and the only thing going on in her life was them being broke but they obviously don’t wanna talk about that

  2. Tannante

    “taking up too much screen time and taking away from other storylines” – ummm you all are the one editing it!!

  3. Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

    So many rumors….. We all know no decisions are ever made until after the reunion, so I try not to listen.

  4. Sarah

    Rinna and Diana need to go but if we’re being honest Dorit can go too. She has brought nothing in years

    • Jay

      I prefer Rinna, Diana, and Krystal to all go.

  5. Hmm

    Is this from a producer trying to kick Kyle and Rinna into gear ?

  6. Kelly

    Andy’s very first question at the reunion should be: “Rinna, do you plan to make waves with Kyle today and bring up some surprising rumors, in order to keep your job?”

    • Frannie

      If only!!

  7. Karen

    Rinna is NOT a friend to Anyone.

  8. ByeRinna

    ???The only thing Rinna does to take up screen time is sit on couches and FaceTime other housewives who are doing actual things!??? *this is when I hit FF* ?

  9. ButNOWwesaidit

    Cut Crystal!!! She adds nothing!

  10. OG BH Stan

    This type of curation will be their downfall. Bringing Erika back to play the “villain” is an unnecessary and out of touch decision. These women create drama on their own, the erika story line is played out. Next!

  11. Denise come back, I need her!!

    Big mistake keeping Crystal and Diana both need to go along with Sheree, all 3 bring nothing. Diana seems coached by Rinna

  12. Gigi

    I wouldn’t mind Rinna staying if she brings some new rumors about Kyle

  13. TT

    If Garcelle and Sutton weren’t on cast, the show might actually be fun again. They don’t contribute much but bickering and not clicking or getting along with the others, IMO. Let’s really think back to when the show was fun… it was before the new additions. Why do we need a villain? Bring back the fun!!

    • Lisa

      100% you nailed it. So over Garcelle and Sutton, they are the ones who need to go. Rinna is like the Vicki of OC, people love to hate, but when removed, the show turns to sh!t.

    • Coke in bathroom

      The show wouldn’t be good right now if it wasn’t for Garcelle and Sutton. They are the only ones holding anyone accountable. The others are annoying because the constantly blindly defend each other. It’s old and needs to change.

  14. Kk

    Why do I feel like the only “waves” Rinna will be making with Kyle at the reunion will be something they planned together… boo boo Kyle was trying to protect Kathy ? but that put Rinna in such a bad position but poor Kyle was just protecting her family….” Blah blah hard to explain what I mean but I don’t believe for a second it won’t be calculated to take down Kathy


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