Would she really return?

Aug 20, 2022

Apparently producers of evolution have been quite close w staff at LVPs lounge… I think there was mention of doing like a VPRules type show but nothing materialized; however staff kept in touch w crew.

Update: LVP would like Rinna and Dorit gone

She knows producers won’t let Kyle go, and erika is a major liability, which works in LVPs favor

She doesn’t think Diana is going to get a s2

And she is actually advocating for Joyce to return!


  1. Stick to VPR

    NO! LVP is better belittling everyone at her restaurants, hard hard pass. We need and want for it along with her hubby and kids! LVP is evil in all ways.

    • Lisa

      Agreed, her and her hobbit husband are just horrible. Thanks but no thanks.

    • Zip it

      Who’s we? Bold to assume you’re opinion is the majority.

  2. Stick to VPR

    NO! LVP is better belittling everyone at her restaurants, hard hard pass. We need and want Dorit along with her hubby and kids! LVP is evil in all ways.

  3. LVP Please Come Back

    Yes to ALL OF IT! I would love to see LVP return to RHOBH, Joyce was great and I would like to see her back. Rinna gone? Even better. I think Kyle and LVP would move on because it seems Kyle misses her friendship with Lisa.

    • Ken Todd

      Lips, bamboozle Jayne and lip licker need to goooooo. I would love it that brought back LVP, she has real wealth, which at one point was the basis of this show!

  4. Rhobh@stfulvp.con

    Stfu LVP. Dorit is amazing and rinna is good drama. Goodbye.

    • Titsmcgee

      Ok Rinna lmao. You bring nothing

  5. RHOBH Junkie

    Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I don’t think LVP is a fun housewife. She doesn’t own up to the stuff she does, which makes it so there’s no satisfying resolution to her conflicts. Also, her last storyline was super manufactured. She just sold a mediocre story about a dog! If that’s any indication of what her return might look like, I’m not interested.

  6. Berlin Housewife

    I would love that, having LVP back on the show. Kyle was such a b* to her but maybe they can reconcile with the Fox Farce Five gone! I really liked their friendship (the good times).
    I‘m so tired of the fakeness of Dorit, Rinna & Diana, not even starting w Erica. So goodbye @ them & hello LVP!

  7. Who?

    Don’t even remember her being on the show

  8. Cris

    I loved Joyce. Too bad she was in the same season with the witch. But Joyce was great. Love her family. And Lisa is just Beverly Hills!! She has to come back.

  9. Hairstylist Chick

    I would love it!!

  10. Tre hugger

    Joyce was the best one season wonder. Would love to have her back

  11. YesToLVP

    Yes to all of that…tho I don’t think LVP needs a reconciliation with Kyle, and seeing the latter squirm would be fun…for me.? And I love the comments about LVP’s storylines being fake…ya mean like everything on the show since she left? ? ?‍♀️

  12. Kim

    I don’t care who comes back or who doesnt..doesn’t… I just want Rinna GONE! I’m done with her bs!

  13. TT

    Hell no to all of this.. LVP wasn’t really a favorite of mine, too out of touch with the rest of us “normies”… and Joyce?! I’ll stop watching. Nope!

  14. Claire

    I would love LVP back. Show hasn’t been the same without her….Goodbye Kyle ? (kyle to stay lol)

  15. Bravo4ever

    We need LVP SHOW IS TANKING. THANK GOD FOR SUTTON AND GARCELLE.. RINNA AND DIANA ARE gone. And to be honest Erika should take a leave. She got too much baggage that people are tired of hearing about.


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