Homeless not toothless addition…

Aug 20, 2022

From: Rhobh Info
Email: anonbh@gmail.com

Subject: Homeless not toothless addition

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If the rumors are true and that next season several housewives are leaving, one potential new housewife is none other than the wife of the dentist introduced to us by the housewife that only wears designer clothes.
They tried to have her on the show several years ago but it didn’t work out but now that her husband has been on the show and that production is trying really hard to have a very diverse cast for BH, they’re considering her. She’s Muslim married to a Jewish guy and they have such an adorable and beautiful family.
Check out her insta … she’s also friends with the housewife that’s married to a mega producer and a former housewife who was miss universe…

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  1. Jon Doe

    She doesn’t seem built for this show. She looked miserable and bored, the whole scene. NEXT

  2. Ad

    That must be Nadia Saleh. Her husband was introduced on the show by Dorit and besides being the dentist of Homeless not Toothless, he’s apparently super famous among LA celebrities. She’s also friends with Crystal I think ?

  3. A

    Crystal said her “friend” was there and texting her wtf

  4. Pay attention

    Not that this matters that much but he isn’t the dentist of homeless not toothless, that was the dentist who did PK’s veneers and he wasn’t at the dinner but his daughters were. This other dentist just agreed to donate a new smile to the charity and was at the dinner

    • Evy


    • Lucia

      The daughters of the dentist who started the charity were at the dinner, the doctor who came to dinner was the one that did PK verniers .

  5. L Stephens

    This is such b.s. re Sam Saleh being the dentist to the stars. I live in BH. First of all, Crystals husband is NOT a mega producer. He did one Lion King 900 years ago & a few other projects. They are not the “in” group at all. Why on earth would someone who is uber successful be on a reality show?? And Sam Saleh is most definitely NOT dentist to celebrities. He’s a wanna be.

  6. dee

    That is the worst name for a charity, it’s so offensive. What were they thinking..


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