She’s not going anywhere

Aug 19, 2022

So since Andy loves her this makes sense. Also hi Rinna ?

From: Housewives Come Through

Subject: Don’t get too excited… soap star going nowhere!!

Spill It to
There are many rumors of a soap star being in the chopping block from BH… this is a fabricated rumor and has no truth to it.
First of all, there are not even conversations of casting for the following season before the reunion. Secondly, Bravo knows she’s a key part for the show. She’s hated by many and there always has to be a hayed villain on the show. Besides, they are aware of how many storylines she creates…
She can also help next season to shift the dynamics. Bravo is getting tired of the Fox Force Four and want the dynamics to change. We all know that soap star would not hesitate to throw any of these women under the bus to create a storyline and remain on the show… she’s done it already and she will do
It again! She is a hustler!

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allegedly from


  1. Marie

    I’m screaming! Is this Rinna writing in lol. It reminds me of the Aspen blind where someone wrote that the women were scared and locked themselves in their room. Then we see the mid season trailer and the only one who says that… Is Rinna ??

  2. I'm tired

    The ONLY way I will accept this is if Erika gets fired. If you wanna keep Rinna, take away the one person she relies on the most and see how well (or not) she can hold up on her own. C’mon Bravo! WORK WITH US.

  3. RHOBH

    It’s like she’s not even trying to hide the fact that she’s writing this.

  4. Karen

    I knew this in my head-my heart is crushed

  5. vrm1502

    I’m sorry but Rinna has had ample opportunity to throw any of the other Faux Force under the bus but she doesn’t. She targets the fan favorites. I think a lot of us watching understand how difficult grief is but she really can’t use that to counter her recent/current posts.

  6. Your mum

    Hi Rinna!!

  7. Lisa Rinna wishes

    Is this you Rinna?

  8. rinna’s rats

    please listen for once and GET RID OF RINNA. she isn’t the star of the show but she wants to be. it’s a soap to her that’s why you can see thru all her bullllllshit. maybe if she spilled her mean girl clique’s secrets but instead she will continue to bully sutton and garcelle relentlessly, blame it on grieving, and do the same shit next season cause guess what? she’s ALWAYS been like this won’t change cause bravo keeps their favorite white women protected.

  9. Bravobravobravo

    Ugh I’m so sick of Rinna. She’s not a villain we love to hate, she’s just boring and annoying.

  10. Rational Thought

    I know Rinna’s getting a lot of hate right now, and I’m not a Rinna Stan either, but they do need villains. And like it or not, Rinna knows the assignment. The last few times on different shows, not just HW shows, that the execs listened to the fans it didn’t work out well.

    • Tongue tied

      Exactly and she’s not afraid to be the villain unlike Kyle or Dorit. Keep the 3 and can Erika, that’ll shake it up enough

      • No

        Rinna is pointless . How could Andy love her? She is a completely washed up, empty headed fool? There is nothing redeeming about her. Also get rid of Erika, Diana and Crystal while you are emptying the trash out

  11. Nels

    Totally written by LR down to the hustler comment ?

  12. JBu

    It’s Rinna but please god just get rid of her.

  13. Nope

    Goooodbyeeee Rinna!!!

  14. Charlotte

    Hi Lisa! ✋?

  15. Rinna Sucks

    Pleaseeeeee freaking get rid of Rinna. She needs the time off anyway

  16. Aggster

    Did Rinna send this in? Lol

  17. Hannah

    No this makes me worried they would get rid of Dorit. Dorit actually being it as a housewife and love that we get to see her kids. They should just key Dorit, Kyle, Erica and get rid of Diana and Rinna

    • Saneja

      Why don’t we talk about Diana being a madam more

  18. Sara

    If Rinna is still on next season I’m done. She isn’t even good tv. She’s disgusting.

  19. Hi Hair

    Nobody on this planet would consider Rinna a Soap “star” except for maybe… Rinna

  20. Lo

    Okay…. Hey Rinna.

  21. Kendal

    Rinna, is that you? Perhaps Amelia? ?

  22. Petty Mess

    The actual threat and bad look for the show/network is Erika. They’d be foolish to get rid of Erika and Rinna both. Play your cards right bravo!

  23. Go away rinna

    “She’s a hustler” is something Rinna would and has said.

  24. heidi

    FIRE RINNA. She’s ruining the show.

  25. Over It

    Rinna absolutely wrote this. But here’s the thing. Yes, people love a villain. They love to hate them. Except, that’s not even the case anymore. Nobody cares anymore. We see through her not having any original stories, all the IG mania to create buzz. And we are all tired of it. We play with our phones when she’s on screen, don’t miss her in the episodes she’s not in.

  26. Who even still watches BH?

    Rinna definitely wrote this and also doesn’t get that this exact inauthenticity is the problem. Every season is just fake BS that she pretends to be mad at for the paycheck. If she “turns” on Erika, I’m sure there’ll be some behind-the-scenes reconciliation so in the end, nothing real happened. This is just so played out.

    Please can Rinna. The soap theatrics belong on the soaps.

    • BH sucks :)

      Yes! BH is just not good Bravo TV anymore. Dubai is more entertaining than this BS.

  27. Iconic or just an a**hole?

    Does Andy love Rinna?

  28. Olive

    I can’t with her Rinna anymore. Her fake breakdown at Dorits charity event was just pure soap opera bullshit. It’s too fake. Get her off the show.

  29. Titsmcgee

    Bless you Rinna. You think you’re a key part of the show. ? ??
    You don’t bring anything!

  30. Titsmcgee

    She’s not a villain. She’s always been that annoying chihuahua yapping in the background about something insignificant and completely unrelated to her life. And hello Rinna, this is a show about your life which you’ve failed miserably at displaying truthfully

  31. She needs a new project …

    after Rinnas latest outburst on Sutton I have stopped watching and have no interest in watching a show as long as she is on. i feel for her and the the loss of her mother but The gaslighting and bullying by Rinna is honestly disgusting and a disgrace. Andy calls her out and she “owns it” say she’s agrees and is working on not being such a jerk but just goes back to being awful until the next time she’s called out. there is no actual owning it.
    i want genuine friendships and drama, not one’s forced on by a bully who is misplacing her anger.
    RHONY didn’t need to force drama (romana – love her or hate her she isn’t fake – i can’t stand her!) , neither does RHOA, or RHOC. So why does RHOBH need someone like this.
    The world is toxic enough! Maybe Rinna just needs a new project…

  32. RHOBH

    I honestly don’t see why Rinna is so hated! Teresa and Erika are legitimate criminals who take zero responsibility for anything in their lives. But no one ever suggests getting rid of Teresa. Rinna is just a pot stirrer and if housewives didn’t stir the pot we wouldn’t have a show.

    • Make Bravo great again.

      but everyone has suggested getting rid of erika and teresa. they are awful delusional individuals. ramona, erika, teresa, rinna all need to go.
      make Bravo great again


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