So since Andy loves her this makes sense. Also hi Rinna ?

From: Housewives Come Through

Subject: Don’t get too excited… soap star going nowhere!!

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There are many rumors of a soap star being in the chopping block from BH… this is a fabricated rumor and has no truth to it.
First of all, there are not even conversations of casting for the following season before the reunion. Secondly, Bravo knows she’s a key part for the show. She’s hated by many and there always has to be a hayed villain on the show. Besides, they are aware of how many storylines she creates…
She can also help next season to shift the dynamics. Bravo is getting tired of the Fox Force Four and want the dynamics to change. We all know that soap star would not hesitate to throw any of these women under the bus to create a storyline and remain on the show… she’s done it already and she will do
It again! She is a hustler!

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