Filming in the bay…

Aug 19, 2022

Filming in the Bay (San Fransico). Will share more info as it’s sent. Unclear if it’s Bravo at this point but it’s a housewives vibe… we shall see!


  1. Babypoppyglitter

    Omg! Going to Sausalito Wednesday pls tell me more lol

    • J

      I’m in foster city. Love Sausalito

  2. Marina girl

    Yooooooo I’ve been saying they need a real housewives in the city for years!!! Can’t wait to try to find out where they are filming!! But please keep it in the city and don’t be lame and go into Marin county!!

    • Bravobravobravo

      Isn’t Marin county and San Fran area the most expensive real estate in the country? I can’t believe it took this long to get a show in that area!

  3. Live Here!

    It still surprises me how awful Million Dollar Listing SF was, hopefully they don’t make the same mistakes with this filming. The city is not the Peninsula, which is not the East Bay, which is not Marin. I hope they get this right!

  4. NorthBeach bb

    This has to be Marin moms and I’m here for it. But also please share more!

  5. 415 Marin-a

    I hope it happens but don’t see it working! People here are super private and don’t flaunt wealth. Also the reason Million Dollar Listing was a bomb was because none of the local brokerages would allow their agents to film. The one actual house they showed in the Marina was never on the market and 100% a fake story line. That agent filmed before that brokerage said no more. Also knew someone in marin who was approached years ago, but no one else would film and no businesses would agree to filming.

  6. SF_resident

    There are no parking signs up all over my hood for filming Thur, Aug 25. Scott & Jackson Street, San Francisco, 94115

  7. Nahhhh

    Yep, lots of quiet, private wealth in Marin…I don’t see that working at all. Or if it does go, it’ll be posers that’ll get involved. ?

  8. Lady in the bay

    Hmmm don’t see it being a thing here in the Bay. We don’t like to flaunt our wealth. I mean billionaires wear Patagonia vests and Rothy’s-

  9. Sf RN

    If they want drama and flashy money from the bay they need to go south bay and not Marin. New tech money, athletes wives etc in the Pablo alto area.


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