Truth to the diamond rumors?

Aug 18, 2022

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Subject: These rumors have truth!

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As people may have seen this week, there is a rumor going on about a cast shakeup coming for this Housewives franchise that’s currently airing. There is truth to this rumor! This self proclaimed “asshole with iconic hair and duck lips” is on the chopping block ahead of filming for next season due to her reckless and unnecessary behavior. Producers have taken note of that and have been comparing it to that of a very similar behavior an east coast housewife erratically projected on her last season on the show that led to her being put “on pause”. The newbie lip licker will not make the cut for next season either. Producers feel like this is a mistake, a resemblance and a repeat of another housewife that got canned for being “boring and stale”. There was also a rumor floating out there that a certain housewife who appeared on the recent UGT season will make a comeback. That has yet to be confirmed, but producers are actively speaking to her along with an OG everyone wants back about making their comeback. No roles have been decided for either of them. Official announcements should come after the reunion. Will be interesting to learn !

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  1. Stopwiththenewbies

    Just cut the criminal, the lips, and the hair and leave the cast! Why do they need so many!?

    • SharkShannon

      Please, Please, Please bring back LVP….we need some ACTUAL diamonds back in this flailing franchise!!!

    • Jules

      Agree 100%

    • Bye Ashy!


  2. Cindy

    Rinna is a disaster – so hard to like her, even harder to watch. A pause is overdue for her and her Days of Our Lives tears.

    • No more Rinna

      100% agree! She should have been gone a few seasons ago. Cannot stand how mean she is.

  3. Mo

    Rinna compared to Dorinda. Diana fired and compared to Teddi.

    Brandi and LVP making a comeback?! Here for it

    • Ace

      I think Brandi and Kim making comebacks. LVP won’t come back with Kyle and Dorit

    • SuckitRinna

      Here for Brandi and LVP

  4. Jess

    I could of told you Diana was a mistake when the news broke ?

    It’s very clear from last nights episode that Lisa, Erika, and Diana have an alliance… Diana jumped right in on Garcelle to deflect on E’s behalf – then all the sudden Kyle’s headed out and nobody addresses the true issue: Erika

  5. Talia

    Yesss! Please bring Brandi back to RHOBH!

  6. Alina

    I hope this rumor becomes reality!

  7. Yess

    I’d deal with Brandi if LVP came back!!

    • Rinna is Tamra Don’t F This Up Bitching Again Fans

      And I’d deal with LVP if Brandi came back lol.

  8. Amber

    They won’t get Brandi and LVP back. It will be one or the other.

    Brandi isn’t aspirational. Her life is a hot mess, and it bums me out watching her.

  9. Bailey Agency on hold

    Please bring Cynthia. Please.

  10. Homeless but not toothless

    Thank god. Rinna is plain awful and has been for a while now. I’d rather see Harry on this show and not Rinna. She should never have been a diamond holder. She only works in very small doses if at all. Kim Richards kept her in check and no one else has really been able to do it since Garcelle. But Rinna is out of control. She can’t be forgiven for what she did to Denise. That was the last straw.
    I’m done with Erika too. At the very least she is an accessory to Tom’s crimes. She is the beneficiary of them, a fact that seems to escape her. She acts like some high school tough girl. What is left to discover about Erika? Her storyline has run its course.
    Kathy Hilton brings some much-needed humor to this show. She is also friends with Lisa Vanderpump who also has a good sense of humor.
    I’m tired of seeing Sutton being used as a punching bag. There’s no reason for it.
    I don’t care about Kyle’s homes, cars, families or any of it any more. You can’t play all sides forever.
    I didn’t like Crystal initially but she is okay. I do wonder if her eating disorder is being exacerbated by the show. Her husband seems like a nice guy and him fixing a charcuterie board for Kathy was a hoot. It looked good too.
    Garcelle was the best addition to this show in ages. I really like Garcelle.
    The lip licker needs to go. My take on her is that she was probably an escort who hooked a really rich guy and divorced him. I don’t understand her relationship with her current husband or what they have in common but I do think she is on this show to give him exposure. When she said she was a very demanding guest, I believed her. Let’s face it, most people can’t really relate to her or her lifestyle. I don’t know why they thought she was a good fit for this show.

  11. LVP

    PLEASE bring back LVP. I won’t watch next season if she’s not on.

  12. Msbeaches

    Jerika Jane needs to get the Jimmy choo boot. She’s a criminal, clink clink. Time to go. She’s quick to point fingers. I don’t understand why everyone’s defending her behavior. God love Sutton and Garcelle for keeping it real. Rinna has lost her mind. Time for her to to pause permanently. Kyle and Dorite have been drinking the kool aid too long or they are afraid of Jerika. Either way they need to grow a pair and speak the truth. Kathy is queen and Where did they did dig Diana out of? Put her back please! Bury her deep.

  13. RH Junkie

    I just don’t understand how Rinna is seen as this huge villain and Teresa isn’t. Teresa’s behavior is like 20x worse than Rinna’s and no one seems to care. She’s actually painful to watch.

    • Careful what you bitch for

      Thank youuuuu! Fans love to hate. And then they screw up the show with their bitching. See: RHOC

      • RH Junkie

        I’m genuinely so glad someone agrees!! Like Teresa is legit toxic and tearing her literal family apart and Rinna is just stirring the pot on some meaningless drama like every single housewife does!

      • Miss Tea

        I agree! Get rid of sutton and Diana and crystal. Don’t make the same mistake as OC please!!

    • Snookie

      100% agreed. Teresa is a criminal and has the IQ of a rock. Rinna doesn’t even come close to being as shitty as Teresa. Gina from OC is worse than Rinna too. Makes no damn sense. The dog piling on Rinna is getting old. If they fire Rinna it will be a mistake similar to when Tamra was fired. Everyone hated her and called her “Tamrat” and now OC is boring without her.

  14. Keyboard Warriors are ruining bravo

    Everyone seems to forget Rinna is grieving her mom because bravo isn’t showing it. Stop coming for her and her behavior will stop. They don’t show too much of their personal stories on rhony. Dorinda was put on pause because her behavior was unwarranted and was coming from no apparent reason.


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