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As people may have seen this week, there is a rumor going on about a cast shakeup coming for this Housewives franchise that’s currently airing. There is truth to this rumor! This self proclaimed “asshole with iconic hair and duck lips” is on the chopping block ahead of filming for next season due to her reckless and unnecessary behavior. Producers have taken note of that and have been comparing it to that of a very similar behavior an east coast housewife erratically projected on her last season on the show that led to her being put “on pause”. The newbie lip licker will not make the cut for next season either. Producers feel like this is a mistake, a resemblance and a repeat of another housewife that got canned for being “boring and stale”. There was also a rumor floating out there that a certain housewife who appeared on the recent UGT season will make a comeback. That has yet to be confirmed, but producers are actively speaking to her along with an OG everyone wants back about making their comeback. No roles have been decided for either of them. Official announcements should come after the reunion. Will be interesting to learn !

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