Southern’s Bragging Son

Aug 18, 2022

From: Southern Belle

Subject: Southern’s Bragging Son

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Augusta’s southern belle son has been bragging to anyone who will listen all about his famous housewife mother at college. He’s even telling staff at his new college who his famous mama is a if we care since Charleston is already full of serious family money all over town.

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  1. First!

    Sutton’s son.

    • No one cares about your Mama, sweetie

      Suttons son needs to take a seat. You’re at the Citadel, sweetie. If you wanted to play those kind of games you should’ve gone to a regular college and joined a little frat.

      He’ll either be put in line or transfer. They are not going to deal with his bullshit there. (i was SHOCKED that he was going to The Citadel. Doesn’t seem the type that can cut it there).

      • Titsmcgee

        Who cares? It’s his mom. Of course he’s proud

        • Millie


      • Nana

        He got in…..give the kid respect.

        It’s not easy to get in

  2. Slutton4lyf

    Sutton?? I think she is from Augusta.

  3. southern24

    Sutton strackes son! He went to Citadel. No one will care who he is.

    • So?

      I don’t think that’s bad?…if my mom recently became “famous” I’d brag too! Lol

  4. southern24

    Sutton strackes son! He went to Citadel. No one will care who he is.

  5. Hmmm…

    Sutton – her son is going to the Citadel.

    • Tilly

      Obvs he shouldn’t brag, but really? This is Suttons “dirt”? Ooooh so scandalous?

  6. Courtney

    I mean, I would brag too if she was my mom or if my mom was a real HW.

  7. M

    I seriously doubt this. They are quite private.

    • BL

      Yeah, I’m not buying this, either. I don’t know why, but this just doesn’t track.

  8. CharlestonZ

    If there’s any bragging going on it’s most likely to the CofC girls…they would care, but not anyone at the Citadel!

  9. D

    This could be true? This person could also be exaggerating. Or some people were already aware. He talked about it to some and it got around.
    Remember these are students straight out of HS. Some are still 17 yrs old. Lighten up they aren’t hurting anyone.
    This isn’t a bad or good. What’s concerning is how people go all in with these alleged entries.
    I think some comments are from people who write the “tea”

  10. Ursula

    One clout chaser reporting on another. Remember when B&C used to claim she was famous the blocked by jax posted a photo of her

  11. Love Sutton!

    Would anyone else love to see her pop onto Southern Charm? I’m here for it ?

    • Lisa

      Thanks but no thanks. This season has been bad enough without her making it worse. Her son is very homely and from looks of what they showed on RHOBH has the personality of a potato, so all his got to offer is his bland mother on a reality tv show.


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