Pentecostal First Lady back?!

Aug 17, 2022

So this is the third time over the last couple of months I received this email…

From: Bravo F***** Bravo

Subject: Pentecostal First Lady is Back

Spill It to
Due to the demand for her to be back and Jen Shah heading to prison, Mary Cosby is in early negotiations and talks to return for s4. She will either be back full time, or return as a friend and then for s5 be full time! RHOSLC fans let’s rejoice!

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (

allegedly from


  1. Kt

    Her chaos is unmatched

  2. no mother mary over here

    this is a horrible idea. she’s a horrible person who made racist remarks about mexican people & was a HUGE racist to Jenny (& yes, jenny is still a bad person). not sure why they would allow her back after she skipped the reunion.

    • Queen Mary! Bring her back

      Oh get a job, she should come back. She the best part of the show and i love the friendship with MM. as a MX what she said is not offensive and she’s a bit aloof and not the most intellectual when expressing herself. That makes her more fun.

      • Sally Draper’s Therapist

        I’m only half Chicana* and her comment made me pause the TV and do a lap around the living room bc I was so offended and grossed out by her comment. My yt husband was simultaneously mortified. You don’t speak for all of us!!!

        *I have a job in case you wanted to tell me to get one like you told OP

    • Deanna


    • Sally Draper’s Therapist

      I co-sign everything you said.

  3. No

    No -‘I can’t see it but Mary is clearly busy sending you lots of emails about it ?

  4. Winelovinmama87

    Oh for fucks sake! Who the hell wants Mary back ??

    • Mary come back

      A lot of us who like entertainment and are not stuck up like yourself

      • Winelovinmama87

        Well I’m definitely not stuck up. She is not entertaining what so ever.

    • Stay Away

      “RHOSLC fans let’s rejoice!”


      I mean, was she good TV? Kind of, at times until it gor unbearable. She seems quite dangerous, actually, and even unwell. I don’t think Bravo would be practicing good duty of care to bring her back.

  5. Tre Hugger

    Yay excited for her quirkiness to get back on my screen.

  6. Jess

    Why is bravo so interested in crooks? It’s not a good look

    • Get help

      Anyone that wants this lunatic back (besides producers) is a lunatic themselves!

  7. Rae

    Jen Shah will be gone to prison soon, so they need Mary to bring the drama. Without them, the show will tank.

  8. Bravoholic843

    Def will NOT be tuning in to see this psycho racist cult leader.

  9. nm

    Please no ?

  10. Shrimps

    I mean, she’s great tv. If people can be obsessed with true crime tv, I can be fascinated with a wacky cult leader’s confessionals on a reality tv show.

  11. Claire

    Mary is good tv

  12. Love Mary

    Whoever says no and calling her racist are the real ignorant ones, and should not watch. Most annoying people ever.

  13. Tell It Like It Is

    Please, bring this false prophet back so she can expose herself for the fraud she is. If she returns, she will definitely be the next FBI raid & HW to go to jail.

  14. Jesus Loving Predators

    Hi Mary! Didn’t think you’d be smart enough to maneuver the internet so kudos to you! However, absolutely no one wants you back and Bravo will stay away from your racist, problematic ass. I would rejoice in watching the demise of your cult tho.

  15. DpHyno

    No no no. She doesn’t interact with the others, nor does she want to.
    She thinks people actually want to see inside her closet episode after episode.
    Just , no.

  16. WYKYK

    Bravo has become a haven for narcississtic criminals.

  17. Mary had a little scam…

    Who is Mary even friends with? She doesn’t like any of the women so I don’t see how this would work. Unless we’re going to get more people coming out to talk about her “church”

  18. Southern Charmer

    Only if we see her arrested & jailed next, preferably in the 1st episode so we won’t have to watch her racist rants. Mary ??

  19. Anon

    Pleaseeee don’t bring her back!!! It’s almost, if not worse, than having Jen Shah continue to film.

  20. No thanks

    Nooo, she is just awful. And anyone on here saying what she said isn’t offensive doesn’t really have the right to speak for everybody on whether it offended them or not. She said some pretty nasty things that were just uncalled for.


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