Not so shocking….

Aug 17, 2022

From: Knowitall

Subject: Not so shocking…

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This is the reason he’s never been a main character on the show. Sure we see him but do you notice he’s not one of the main players? We never see his home life or family. Why is that? We know Bravo loves a family dynamic…. He never was willing to sign on full time because of the issues in his home life. Some of them are coming to light now….

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allegedly from


  1. Erin

    Matt Altman. Never thought about it but sounds spot on!

  2. Anon

    Matt Altman

    • Karina

      He just got booked today for domestic violence..Matt Altman

      • Brandy

        It was his wife.

  3. Mrs. Marcoly

    Matt Altman? His wife was just arrested for DV.

  4. Melissa

    Matt Altman

  5. Duh

    Or maybe he’s just a private person and didn’t want to be on camera.

    • Nana

      Totally why ……..

  6. Heather Altman

    Have yall ever noticed that Josh’s kids and Matt’s kids never play together or have any pics together? Absolutely none. They are cousins and the grandparents are definitely with Josh’s kids. Just weird.

    • MD Implants

      Grandparents see Matt’s kids often, they live very close to them. Maybe it’s not shown on IG but they do see them frequently.

  7. Ho for sho

    There was just a blind about him cheating. Maybe she hit him for cheating?

  8. Nope

    Incorrect. The network has to want you first and they NEVER wanted Matt. That’s why he was never on the show as a “main player.” Idk who sent this info in but it’s wrong. Matt is also a creep. Firsthand experience watching him always be a creep to women. He’s a loser.

    • Duh

      This makes sense


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