Aug 16, 2022

I’m in Mykonos and Louie and Teresa are staying at my hotel. Sitting a few tables away from them at breakfast.

1) they sat at a table with duck lips on the whole time. 2) Louie pulled tre as If there were paps around. We’re in a 5 star luxury hotel, everyone here is insanely wealthy. No one knew who they were but me and my sister ?

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  1. Princess P

    To be fair you can stay in a 5 star in Mykonos and not be insanely wealthy. It is expensive there but it’s not a private carribean island expensive or anything. I bet more than 1 person know who they are but granted they won’t be bothered in Europe. Europe has its own celebs.

    • Here for the comments

      I saw them at a restaurant in Vegas and was the only person who recognized who they were. Reality stars on Bravo aren’t A List even if we like Bravo ourselves.

  2. Coco

    “Everyone here is insanely wealthy”…. Lol cool? Does that mean anything to the point you’re trying to make?

  3. heidi

    I love the not so humble brag from the person who sent this in.

  4. Gtfourntfms

    We have to remember that the majority of the population does not watch bravo. And by we, I mean Teresa and that guy she married.

    These people are not actual celebrities. It’s hilarious.

  5. Brandi Glanners

    How do you know that no one knew who they were? They may not have fan girl’d them either.

    Also I’ve stayed in many 5 star hotels and not ‘insanely wealthy’ but good to know sis x


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