Aug 16, 2022

From a DM:

hii so the brand i work for has done brand deals with sonja previously and i just got an email from
her asking fo send her clothing because she has one week of filming left in IL and then will start filming RHONY.

black background with the word allegedly written on it in cursive and the @bravoandcocktails_ tag below it


  1. Sonja is a Great Surprise

    Would have liked to keep that a surprise

    • Spoilers

      If you don’t want to know spoilers you shouldn’t be in here. ??

  2. Carol

    If you wanted to keep it a surprise you shouldn’t be looking on bravoandcocktails. Just sayin’

    • Hannah

      Thank god I would of protested and not watched if Sonja wasn’t included

  3. Sammy b

    maybe legacy but not rhony. it’s an all new cast. rolling my eyes


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