Business in debt?

Aug 15, 2022

Daughter in laws family isn’t happy that their daughter is being shunned by her new in laws. They especially don’t like the bad press she’s getting. To even the score they are taking upon themselves to leak some information about the mother in laws business…. Allegedly.

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  1. Spicy girl

    Oooh posh you better watch out

  2. CB

    Beckham V Peltz

  3. Anon

    Victoria Beckham. This actually isn’t what it seems lol. I’ve read the fine print and she has debts just like any other company. She’s not as exclusive as Louis Vuitton where they burn stuff they don’t sell. Instead she sells her stuff at a steep discount. She also has doubled her sales as she goes into accessories, handbags, beauty, etc. A lot of info I know but I’ve worked in finance for retail so I’m familiar with this background

  4. WYKYK

    Problems in the Beckham household?

  5. Pelo fan


  6. DollyPardonMe

    Nicola Peltz and Victoria Beckham?

  7. Eleanorsb_

    Ohhh Beckham – Peltz drama continues I see

  8. Salty Spice

    I honestly feel bad for Nicola, what grown woman fights with someone their kids age…who’s now family? Posh needs to grow up and her kids/husband need to stop enabling her behavior

  9. Karen

    If Victoria keeps pushing her son will only see his wife’s family

  10. Tilly

    Beckhams have money, but the Peltz family? They have MONEY. Posh may want to watch the games she plays. You don’t get Peltz wealth without knowing how to get dirty.

  11. jules

    Rumors have swirled for years that VB’s line is a failure that DB funds.


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