Aug 14, 2022

Subject: Southern Not so charmer

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
S*** R*** at the Dinghy bar in IOP w a new girl. Also doing something suspicious in the bathroom with another girl.

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  1. Nolongercute

    Shep Rose is gonna end up a sad lonely old(er than he already is) guy. (I’d say man, butttttt…..)

  2. Aunt B

    I spoke to are bartender at The Dinghy few years ago about Shep. They can’t stand him. Said he’s a pompous ass.always thinks he should get free drinks. She had nice things to say about Craig and Austen though

  3. Just say'n

    Sheps pathetic. His parents must really feel like they failed with him. Trust fund kid with no ambition at least Thomas has tried to do thing’s in his life

  4. ?

    I love the way Shep doesn’t want to disappoint his family by getting married and divorce. Yet he’s a very known crackhead drug addict womanizing moron. News flash. You are already a huge disappointment! You would be more normal at your age if you were married and divorced than living the lifestyle you have. He is Ravenel on steroids

    • Alicia

      Woah, striving for “normal” is not something to be proud of. Like him or not, at least he’s not measuring himself by someone else’s standards. Also, complimenting TRav is red flag. That man has shown us, on TV, what a price of trash he is.

      • ?

        Who complimented TRav. It said Shep is TRav on steroids. One of the same.

  5. Nana

    But why would he cheat on Miss Pat!!!???

  6. Sara

    Dunno, based on their Instagram stories it was Jennifer Snowden?


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