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Aug 13, 2022


Subject: One and done

Spill It to
Same hairdo woman knows her time is up. That is why she keeps attacking this southern belle. She brought in the lip licker to take down the southern belle and the much accomplished fan favorite. Clearly this backfired. The lip licker’s future on the show looks bleak, whilst Same Hairdo Woman is unknown, but production hears the fans and she is about to be on the chopping block. The Messy Singer’s fate doesn’t look good either.

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  1. Portia’s Hello Kitty Toaster

    Would be lovely if this is true

    • Karen

      I’m hoping so‼️‼️‼️

  2. Drizzu

    Rinna, Diana, and Erika. The focused attacks on Sutton is draining at this point. Rinna wants to distract from her recent behavior, money rumors, and her husband. Diana…we’ll just hit up Twitter for her debacle. Then Erika one doesn’t need to look to far for all her mess.

  3. Justsayin

    I don’t get why you all don’t like them it’s honestly shocking to me I like Diana she’s a straight shooter as is rinna and Erika. If production listen to people on your page I’d be worried for the shows future!

    • You Lip Licker

      Diana is a madame and a racist, so that’s why we don’t like her.

    • Magenta Yenta

      Diana is scary, period. She brings a darker energy and a lot of other -maybe a majority – fans feel this too.

    • Logic

      What do you like about her? Her unwarranted attacks towards Sutton? Or is it the ignorant and racist comment towards a black blogger on Instagram? Or is it her insensitive comments about Sutton’s miscarriages! Or is it the constant lip licking? Or is it the the constant talk about money? She’s a horrible person who needs to get off the show. #TRASH ??

    • dee

      I Iike Diana too!

      • Bye

        Good riddance to all three. Also take Rinna with you

    • Lisa

      Well said. Sutton is a drainer and the passive aggressive jabs from Garcelle wear thin. These two never smile and have actual fun, their storylines are riding on the coat tails of everyone else’s rhetoric.

  4. E

    Rinna, Sutton, Erika

  5. ByeRinna

    Oh this is so good and yummy. The story is so clear. Bye Rinna

  6. Smokey eye, updo, & staud

    Rinna, Sutton, Diana, Erika

  7. Don’t at me

    Rinna is out. Everyone is fed up with her and her narcissistic tactics. Get called out in a lie and plays the whole “I don’t remember saying that” now she’s trying to be more carful with her words. She should take her own advice she gave to that pretty little mess, don’t mix your cocktails and your pills, you start to blackout and say things you don’t. Remember but cameras don’t lie. Production and a contract my blur it a bit but it never lies

  8. Nah

    Get rid of them all and Kyle too! Used to love her but her messiness isn’t cute and it really isn’t giving what she thinks it is…and she needs to stop letting her crotch hit nasty surfaces like that…it’s gross. #splits

  9. Just say'n

    Erika rinna and diana have made the show miserable. Never any genuine laughs just backstabbing and gaslighting you can have drama but take a page from rhonj and offer some lighthearted scenes. Will never happen with rinna and erika

  10. Go away ladies!

    Please let it be true that Rinna,
    Diana & Erika are all done! I could probably handle Kyle more without the other 3. Even Dorit made me like her more as the season has gone on and she hasn’t talked about the break in so much. The attempted takedown of Sutton has failed and they can move on now!

  11. Geniuses

    Sutton and Garcelle are genius. If you haven’t realized that yet, that probably explains why you like The Mediocre Mean Girls.

  12. Fan of Adult Diapers

    I mean…I enjoy Rinna and have all
    Of these years. She’s fun and seems to have genuine connections with all the ladies. She’s good TV, her whole family too ??‍♀️


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