Gone to ish….

Aug 13, 2022

****** works on the show.. all I know
is that he can’t stand Savannah. She’s
not nice to anyone. It’s gone to shit
since she’s been on.


  1. Nancy

    Was never a fan of Savannah. She smiles with her mouth but not her eyes. Not a person I’d trust. Haven’t watched since they did Tamron Hall dirty though.

    • What Was Said

      What did the do to tamron hall this is all unknown to me since Matt rightfully left

  2. Just say'n

    She’s nothing but an entitled brat. Offers nothing. Hoda is so much more relatabjle

  3. Dixcgirl

    Wrong! Savannah is a smart, classy news woman in the same vein as the greats! A lawyer who can handle the tough interviews and knock real stories out of the park. Hoda is fake sugary sweet. Why did the engagement fall apart suddenly? And the way she behaved at the Olympics… gag! Give me Craig and Savannah with Al and Dylan. Hoda can be the new Kathy Lee with Jenna on the 3rd hour.

    • Sara

      Errrr… Savannah isn’t honest. A real journalist would have revised her self if at least disclosed her conflicts of interest.


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