Aug 13, 2022

From: Atlanta Jailbird

Subject: Orange is the new black in ATL

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Ariana Zolciack Biermann got arrested for underage DUI last night. Was apparently acting entitled or being lippy to the officer, which resulted in a higher fine. She was bailed out rather quickly, unlike her boyfriend who was also arrested for the same thing. (I broke the story on my ig page an hour ago)

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  1. Atlanta Tea

    She got popped last year for driving while streaming…went to court and STILL DOES IT. Shame they didn’t do a blood test. Wonder what else they would find. Her “weight loss” on Instagram is nothing like in real life. Poor girl has a lot of issues.

    Her current “soulmate” is a reboot, is also part of the Zaxby’s spoiled brats

    • Help please

      Sorry, but what’s Zaxbys spoiled brats? I even tried searching it ??

      • Bee

        The Lipman family. Parker is on buckhead shore on MTV.

    • Yikes

      Damn this is a lot of assumptions for not knowing the girl

    • Ananananana

      What you mean about the weight loss? It’s all photoshop?

  2. Hate the Zolciacks

    How were they both arrested for DUI? Usually only 1 person is driving at a time.

    • Nels

      If you are underage drunk driving and the passenger is also underage and drunk then you both get the charge.

      • Ava

        How does that make sense? Only the person driving should be charged for that. The other person should get the rest of the charges.

        • Emily

          Nope here in Georgia they do breathalyzer test on everyone in the car if you are underage


          Underage drinking is illegal!

        • Titsmcgee

          Because they’re not 21? Looks like they had alcohol on them too based on the charges.

    • Jillian

      That’s what I was wondering too!

    • P

      My guess is they may have both been arrested for being minors under the influence, but only one was probably arrested for the DUI.

    • Cassidy

      If she still has a permit but he’s full licensed, would that matter?
      I don’t know if that’s the case but I’m just thinking about the laws here in Australia. If a learner driver does something wrong then the full-licensed driver next to them can sometimes get charged with the same thing.
      Is it the same in the US?

      Or maybe he was just stupid and tried to drive off with her car so it wasn’t left on the side of the road when she was arrested and got done too because he was also under the influence.

    • Kim B

      I believe the two were following each other, as in 2 drivers in 2 cars. Not for sure about the blood test, why wouldn’t the cops do that, as I thought they always do??

      • Bee

        Cops give breathalyzers not blood tests and you can refuse them. Legally you’re better off refusing and lawyering up.

  3. Magenta Yenta

    Thank you sweet baby jeebus I read ‘Ariana’ and my first thought was Madix! SO happy it wasn’t her.

    • Nana

      She’s smart enough to Uber

  4. Concerned Citizen

    I just looked at her IG for the first time in a long time. She looks dead in the eyes. A look I’m familiar with (having addicts in my family). Of course I don’t know if she has any issues but I sure hope she’s ok.

  5. Always tardy to the party

    Didn’t they announce that they changed their last name when Kroy adopted the girls?…..looks at least she didn’t!

  6. sarah b

    interesting that she was booked under the last name zolciak? i thought kroy legally adopted them hence her last name would be biermann??

  7. Zolziack

    If hoo e we correctly from the show, she always was the sneaky trouble maker. Yeah Brielle was a concern since she has air between her ears, but Ariana was the snark sneaky one. I hope she’s ok, poor girl seems to have issues. 🙁

  8. All roads

    When Buckhead shore & tardy for the party world collide with zaxby brothers!!!


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