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Aug 12, 2022

From: Today

Subject: Power Play

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The network is trying to keep it quiet but there is a huge power struggle between these two. One believes she’s the legitimate news anchor while the fans adore the other, or so she believes . Insiders keep saying there’s no issue but know that the network will have choose between the two. Consider the show, as it is, over.

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  1. Lauren

    Huda and Savannah ! Been wondering what’s up w them!

  2. Becky

    Kelly and Ryan??

    • Today

      Kelly and Ryan are not on the today show or on NBC, I’m thinking Hoda and Savannah too

  3. Curious

    Hoda & Savannah, haven’t watched in years. What is happening between these two?

  4. Kymmy

    I hope they don’t do Hoda like they did Ann Curry!!

    • Kotb that

      For real! I loved ann!

  5. Thoughts..

    Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, maybe?

  6. Today

    Team Hoda

  7. live from studio 1a

    Hoda and Savannah. This makes me sad, if true.

  8. Dixcgirl

    Team Savannah! Honda is just TOO dang much. The way she acted at the Olympics was just so off putting. Savannah and Craig are awesome together!

  9. Alice

    Definitely Hoda and Jenna. They are setting it up to seem like it’s Savannah to protect Jenna hahaha I say definitely but it’s obviously just my two cents

  10. Les

    Does anyone even watch this crap? Haha

  11. G

    I was actually was just talking to a friend today after I texted out a morning boost to my buddies.
    My buddy said I shouldn’t compare myself to Savanah because ( and this is what my friend said) I am too nice, that im nice like Hoda. That lead to our conversation about the chatter that Savanah can really be a dick.


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