Anon Please: my ex who is still in my life
is a very good, honest decent man.
However when he was younger and
living in LA/Hollywood he sold a lot of
weed. He went to a Hollywood house
party to drop off some herb to a group
he called Eminem wanna-be. He said
one was particularly extra annoying bc
he was so boastful, he said it was KFed.
He said Kevin was only dating Britney at
the time but he was saying how he was
going to get her pregnant and marry
her to secure his bag for life. My ex told
me this story so casually like, oh yea. I
was shocked but believe him 100%. He
told me this story like 12 years ago..
Anon Please
This story was many years old when he
told me. My ex had even already done
jail time and was on probation for
moving “product”.

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