Diamond crisis?!

Aug 11, 2022

Subject: Casting for season 13

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RHOBH 12 has been largely successful but production is actually fearing for the worst. Whilst there was a lot of discussion among fans they’re really nervous about their reception and are trying to figure out how to move forward for future seasons. It doesn’t help that while notifying them that they have their reunion scheduled for later this month Kung-Minkoff and Jenkins expressed a sentiment that they don’t want to continue doing the show. Diana already feels that the show isn’t benefiting her brand and Crystal is irritated by the amount of hate she receives for nothing. RHOBH 13 was heading in a Rinna-less direction but now that 2 housewives might be quitting, casting is worried. This might be the first time since season 8 where the 90210 might have 6 full time housewives!

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  1. Felicia SaysBye

    Oh please. Diana quitting makes giving Rinna the axe much easier. She’s her anchor to the group. Byeeeeeee nobody will miss either of them.

  2. Ok

    LVP is needed. Class not trash.

    • Over Rinna

      Rinna should have been gone seasons ago….its ridiculous now. Bye Girl.

      • L

        I 100% agree with this. She should have been gone after season 10.

    • Gia

      Diana would be fired anyway as would Crystal as she has been a snooze fest. No one wants Rinna or Erika but they will cling on for dear life. Really they should build the show around Sutton and Garcelle who are by far the queens of the show anyway. Also bring LVP back I’d love to see her and Kathy together

  3. Own it

    Get rid of Rinna amd bring back Denise.

    • Titsmcgee

      Get Rinna the hell off our screens. Take the screeching Banshee Erika with you Rinna. I swear to god if I have to sit thru one more season of Rinna being a housewife….
      She has brought NOTHING to this franchise absolutely nothing

  4. LipsBeGone

    Easy: get rid of rinna, if crystal and Diana leave, bring back: Denise and Kim Richards.

  5. Yeah

    I love Crystal and the amount of hate she receives is disgusting. She seems like someone I’d actually want to be around in real life.

    • I agree

      I am not a Crystal fan at all but the way they are treating her ED issue on the show really proves her point.

  6. Karen

    I’m sorry Crystal deals with so much hate! So does Dr Tiffany. ??
    Diana was a non brainer. But they need to get rid of toxicity so that would be Rinna & Erika.

  7. Berlin Housewife

    I am sorry, but nobody‘s gonna miss Diana, Rinna, Erika, poor Crystal und fake Dorit. Also imo you can let go Kyle who brings nothing to the table & is just full of herself.
    Do a cast shake-up! Keep Garcelle & Sutton, bring back some Former HW (e.g. Denise, Kim Richards, LVP) and bring in 2-3 new ones (interesting women with a backbone like Sutton & Garcelle). If that’s too much, keep Kyle, Dorit (& Crystal if she wants to stay), but get rid of the 3 evil witches for good.

    • T

      Bravo, hire this woman lol

    • Bring LVP Back

      Get rid of: Rinna, Diana, Erika

      Keep: Garcelle, Sutton, Crystal, Sheree (make full time), LVP, Kyle, and Dorit. Maybe the show will be fun again with LVP! Kyle and Dorit would have to forgive and move on with LVP.

    • Jo

      Yes 100% agree

    • Brava!


    • GoneGirl

      I don’t even watch anymore, but this solution would bring me and a lot more viewers back!

    • rt berlin & gia

      yes ms berlin i am here for this!!!!!

      • Suga Bumps

        Crystal isn’t boring, she addresses a very serious issue that millions of women deal with, her family is fun (her brother and husband), her housekeeper is hilarious, she represents a biracial family, and she has more to give culturally as an Asian American woman. She also seems like a genuinely nice person. To say because she’s not super confrontational, isn’t a thief, and doesn’t wave her p*ussy around she is boring is shallow and short sighted. Every show needs a nice girl, i.e. Cynthia, Stephanie, Melissa, Robyn, Emily….she serves a purpose and it’s one of substance.

  8. No Kim!

    I hate to see rinna or Erika go, it won’t feel like BH to me. That being said maybe we need to keep Kyle, Dorit, Garcelle, Sutton and bring back Denise. I’m gonna on Kim Richards, she’s a weirdo & hard to watch.

  9. Jennifer

    I like Rinna and want her on the show

  10. Sara

    Lol, Diana doesn’t want to come back. More like she won’t be asked back

  11. Kyle’s bloodshot eyes

    Although I like Crystal, I’d rather get rid of her and Diana in order to keep Rinna. They can take Erika with them too.


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