Dad of the year ….

Aug 11, 2022

B -I worked with Britney years ago (lovely, professional). Years later my kids were in gymnastics with her boys. I was there for every class..Britney came occasionally. Unemployed Kevin never showed up-not one time. Allegedly.


  1. Trishee

    This bugs me because I raised three kids. They are amazing people. But there sure were times that their words and actions caused me to respond in ways I would not want recorded and played back, out of context, years later. Kids can make you insane. Shitbag shares it on social media. I sure hope he’s cut off financially from her. If not, she should work on that.

  2. K-Fed Sux

    Kevin & his wife held onto those videos for years just waiting to release them to try to prove that Brit wasn’t a good parent and to embarrass her. What I saw was a mom who was telling her boys that they were going to respect her. And in another video was a mom who was frustrated and two sons who were talking back and being disrespectful instead of accepting punishment and saying yes ma’am. Shame on that loser and his wife who thinks it’s okay to try to hurt Brit rather than support her as the mother of those boys and a woman who has been through nightmare for 13 years of her life.

    • Mel

      Totally agree! There was nothing shameful about that video it was a mom who maybe pushed pst her limit demanding respect that is not bad parenting. I guarantee no parent has ever been perfect

  3. CellarDoor

    My daughter goes to school with one of her sons. When he first started going to school there it was a big deal, all the kids saying that he’s her sons and none of the kids knew who his dad was. lol. Per my daughter said son is pretty chill and is trying to start a band…and says she thinks he needs to shower more often. Lol. Said he smells earthy. I died when she said that. Must be a Kfed thing. hahah.

    • BootOnCellarDoor

      Hey CellarDoor. Name checks out, bottom feeder. Pretty shit rumor to post about a kid. I heard you smell like moldy cheese.


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