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Aug 10, 2022

From a source. Another spin on the rumor and fallout.

Marge’s ex friend was so pissed she wasn’t chosen as a housewife or friend of she turned on Marge. She met up with Jen and Teresa back in February. She told them a bunch of rumors. One of the rumors was about Melissa. Teresa and Louie told Joe “privately” in February about the rumor. They tried to break up the marriage.
And when it came to the show at finale Melissa outed Louie and Teresa for telling Joe this rumor behind her back. Danielle also inserted herself at the finale about the rumor. Dynamics are very weird and shifting daily.

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com



  1. Cimi

    I think Teresa telling Joe something like this off camera is ok especially as Teresa knows better then anyone it will come out on camera. If the rumor is not true the blame lies with the person who started it and that is the ex friend and or the person who told her. Teresa should not be blamed for giving Joe a heads up.

    • L

      Why not tell Melisa though?! I’d be v v pissed if my so called “family” didn’t tell me, but happy to tell my other half! She def did it to put doubt in Joe’s head. Bet she played the “Iv been here before” card so I’m telling you right away! Yeah ok Tre!!! In a supposed love bubble, buy still jealous of Melisa!!! Also a little suspicious I love Margaret,but this is an “ex frd” ?? All roads lead to Margaret!!!

      • Kai

        If I wasn’t good friends with my sister in law I wouldn’t tell her either. I would go straight to my brother as my loyalty is to him. Giving him a heads up while the cameras are NOT rolling is not shady. But people will misconstrue what they want to misconstrue.

      • Yasin

        I think going to Joe was the best Decision. Joe knows Teresa’s delivery a lot better and could cut through the noise where Melissa regardless would make it 1000 more dramatic then it needs to be. Just listen to her podcast this week.

  2. Nikki

    Why wait until the finale to throw a fit about it if this was done in February. I call BS. They wanted to try and draw attention away from the wedding.

    • MessyHouseWives

      I agree Nikki they save it until the end to get more attention away from the wedding. I would tell my brother in private too.

    • New Melissa

      Actually Melissa & Joe NOT going gave more attention to the wedding!! All the bravo accounts were & are still talking about it. If she went no drama there hence no additional social media coverage. I’d even take Vegas odds on this was M & Jo’s storyline. We are all talking about it!!
      Especially thinking this after listening to them on M podcast talking about it.

  3. Devils advocate

    If she told Joe and it was an issue in February why wasn’t it brought up at the reunion that was filmed in late March? And they posted and filmed an entire season since. Just saying doesn’t seem like it was that big of a deal/they clearly didn’t think the rumor was legit.

  4. Who cares

    Sorry but I don’t see anything wrong with Teresa just telling Joe. That’s her BROTHER. Why is that crazy lol he can go figure out if it’s true or not. Versus her giving Melissa a heads up and potentially lying if needed.

  5. Kim

    Obviously ? something else happened for it to blow up then…


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