Subject: Revenge is best served cold

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This is big. BIG!
The OG was gone. She was leaving. Starting a podcast and shopping for a spin-off. Any network. But she was done. Wanted to leave the drama behind before more lies (and some truths) came out about her new love.
The wannabe OG was super happy. Kept giving backhanded interviews saying the OG was done, phoning it in, and needed to hang up her hat.
Then wanna be OG was told if OG goes, there’s no place for her anymore. She panicked. So what better way to ensure her spot? Create drama. Overreact. Make a big scene and statement. Well…it backfired.
Now OG is pissed. It’s war. She will never film with her again. Ever. And people are taking OG side….
But the best part? OGs wedding was more spectacular than the network could have dreamed, in terms of interest, attendance, and buzz. Like her or hate her- she’s great TV. People want to see what she will do next. So OG…how is she finally getting her revenge 13 years later? She will only come back if wanna be OG and her husband are OUT. And who do we think the network will choose?
Ultimatums were issued. (Explains why two other cast members have kind of jumped ship…they know where the bread will be buttered).

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