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Aug 10, 2022

Subject: Revenge is best served cold

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This is big. BIG!
The OG was gone. She was leaving. Starting a podcast and shopping for a spin-off. Any network. But she was done. Wanted to leave the drama behind before more lies (and some truths) came out about her new love.
The wannabe OG was super happy. Kept giving backhanded interviews saying the OG was done, phoning it in, and needed to hang up her hat.
Then wanna be OG was told if OG goes, there’s no place for her anymore. She panicked. So what better way to ensure her spot? Create drama. Overreact. Make a big scene and statement. Well…it backfired.
Now OG is pissed. It’s war. She will never film with her again. Ever. And people are taking OG side….
But the best part? OGs wedding was more spectacular than the network could have dreamed, in terms of interest, attendance, and buzz. Like her or hate her- she’s great TV. People want to see what she will do next. So OG…how is she finally getting her revenge 13 years later? She will only come back if wanna be OG and her husband are OUT. And who do we think the network will choose?
Ultimatums were issued. (Explains why two other cast members have kind of jumped ship…they know where the bread will be buttered).

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  1. Krys

    Get them Tre!!!!…only storyline shes ever had has been Teresa. Girl bye

    • Gia G

      And tbh Teresa’s only storyline is fighting with her family or being a felon.

      • Jk


      • No Way Tre

        Correct! Thank you!!

  2. Bravofan

    Oh man, OG is Tre, wanna be OG is Melissa Gorga, and Marge and Jackie are the ones who jumped ship and are BFF with Tre now. Yikes

  3. Family war

    Tre, Joe & Melissa. Can’t imagine NJ withoutJoe…

  4. Not a Tre hugger yet

    Melissa is wanna be OG & Tre is OG

    • Bravo mf bravo

      So sad to see that Luis is slowly moving Tre away from her friends & family. He’ll cause “unintentional” conflict w her daughters next. Just watch.

      • Not buying it

        I don’t think the daughters. His son is special needs. His ex wife would not let the kids around him if he were that bad. He seems like a good dad. Would you sit and take someone talking about your love non stop, family or not? I know I wouldn’t

      • Kristen

        This is the utmost BULLSHIT. Teresa made the worst assumptions against marg last year and now she wants to change sides and lick Teresa’s ass. Granted melissa might not be right blaming tre but how dare she do that to Melissa AND WTF JACKIE that your girl?!??? Fucked up, you girls have NO IDEA what loyalty means

      • Princess

        I can not agree with you more!

    • Joenmel

      I think it’s Joe and Melissa.

    • B**tch boy antics

      We will see! I mean Melissa was with all the ladies last night. Is the feuding for storyline on some of their parts? About sick of Joe Gorga’s antics on and off the show. I’m sure they didn’t expect the wedding to get as much buzz

      • Carla

        Nope. Older pic. Posted for the birthday but that was snapped months ago.

        • Charo

          I looked at Jen Fessler’s IG and sure enough when you slide through her b-day pics Jen F., Marge, and Marg’s assistant are wearing different clothes. I didn’t see Jackie in any of the birthday pics, though. She was just in the first initial picture.

  5. BravoLover

    Tre – OG
    Melissa – wanna be OG

  6. Why

    I don’t get the fuss of Tre. She is a tacky criminal with few redeeming qualities.
    She has a gypsys wedding, it wasn’t fabulous at all and her new husband is a dull, desperate climber.
    I think NJ is super overrated though so maybe that’s why.
    Think this blind was sent in by her or her team.

    • Truth teller


    • Missy G 4E

      This!!! Tre is a jealous, vengeful moron. It’s painful to watch at this point.

  7. Shrimps

    I agree Tre has given us so much over the years, but She’s also been exhausting, and I thought it was a good time for her to go. I believe Melissa is almost always replaceable, so I’m kind of for both of them going? If this is true though I like the drama of it exposing how shallow Jackie and Marge’s loyalties are lol, that’s showbiz baby

  8. jules

    NJ is so messy and I love it.

  9. Marge Simpson

    If this is true, I will never watch RHOJ again. Teresa is a horrible, disgusting and trashy human being. I’m tired of horrible people living consequence free lives. I’m hearing she didn’t even pay half her vendors.

    • Kelly

      I’ve already decided I won’t be watching RHONJ or any wedding special. This is FAMILY we’re talking about and it’s truly tragic what they’ve done to their lives in the name of entertainment.

  10. Jacqueline


    • Jersey Drama

      Did you all hear Joe and Melissa’s podcast where they were talking about how fun Melissa’s family is and they would love to do a couple episodes somewhere with them???

  11. Titsmcgee

    Tre sucksssssssssss too. Honestly take em both off my screen they both need a time out

  12. Karen

    Teresa CB announced her podcast today!

  13. LoveNJ

    Oooooooo this tea is DELICIOUS. I hope it’s true. Melissa has never made peace with the fact that her husband is the real reason she’s there. Whenever I rewatch old seasons, I skip right over her first few because the drama just isn’t fun and it’s so tired. I want Joe and Tre to stay strong just because I think the sibling bond is so important, but I don’t need Melissa on my screen and I haven’t for a while.

  14. Ultimate HW

    Tre is so toxic and how anyone can choose her is beyond me. She is the source of all her family drama. I don’t think network will fire Melissa or Joe.

  15. Michelle

    Won’t watch if Teresa says and they go. She’s a terrible person with zero accountability!

  16. Sg

    Teresa is like the walking dead. The zombies are family drama. And it’s the most repetitive, predictable storyline ever. Over it.


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