Hinting at the reason…

Aug 10, 2022

From: New Jersey
Email: karma@jersey.com

Subject: The reason!

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To date I haven’t seen an accurate reason as to why her (former) BFF was not there. New husband did not swindle her and her husband out of money. The sister of the man who allegedly beat her is not the issue either. It’s completely different, and I’m not about to share the reason because it involves minor children.

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  1. Senorita Sassy Pants

    Oh shit!

  2. E

    Dina is Audrianas godmother; maybe she said something weird to her that Teresa thought was inappropriate.

    • JP

      Maybe audriana confided some red flags to her god mother and her stupid ass mother wouldn’t listen ?

      • Me

        I hope this is wrong. But I never understood why a woman with young girls or kids has to rush into living with a man.

  3. Make it make sense

    I don’t believe this. It doesn’t make sense. None of these people have kids that are minors.

    • Jk

      Teresa does!!!!

    • Hannah

      What? Everyone in this situation except for Dina does. Three of Teresa’s girls are minors

    • Carla

      Guess you don’t know about Dave’s kids then huh? Or Teresa’s??

  4. Top-Secret

    So does Dina’s husband (have minor children). Heard Dina doesn’t want him around his kids but I don’t want to believe this is true. Maybe someone encouraged him to be a part of their lives but someone else didn’t like that. One never knows.

  5. Just say'nJuja

    Aduriana is a minor and so is Melania. Both in high school. Audriana may be in middle school. Gabriella is a senior in high school but might be 18. If true that’s disgusting

  6. Tilly

    Sorry, but this is gross to put out there. It leaves far too much room for interpretation. This is exactly like the whole “dangling a dangerous carrot” situation with Sutton and Crystal. Clicks shouldn’t supersede human decency. Especially if children are involved.

    • People Let the Minor Mouse Go

      Exactly I think all the commenters forgot their father would never allow this if he didn’t feel comfortable with Luis let’s leave this it’s getting too twisted


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