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Aug 10, 2022

From: come correct

Subject: Living in LaLaLand

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Did Leva introduce Venita to the show? Yes. But Leva isn’t solely responsible for bringing her ON the show. She didn’t want her on this new season at all. Hmm, I wonder why? I’ll let you fill in those blanks. They have personal opinions but the cast doesn’t influence who will and won’t be cast. But Leva tried her hardest to set up obstacles that may or may not have made it hard for Venita to have visibility with the powers that be. She’s a liar-face. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And Venita got herself on the show. It’s funny that Leva thinks she’s the end-all to Charleston. Perhaps the rumors of her entitlement at the end of this season of Southern Charm are true. This tends to happen when you get your own show. Also, why don’t we see Lamar? She has no personal story. I wonder why? Maybe she should focus her energy on that and her new show rather than make big sweeping statements about her non-friends.

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  1. Charmed

    Venita, is that you?

    • Deanna

      Haha I was thinking the same thing ???

      • LuvBugz

        Leva & Venita are sending these in to create some buzz about this season. It’s a snooze ?

  2. Lmao

    Oh, hey Venita!!

  3. P

    Venita seems nice but very boring..

  4. Not Impressed

    Leva is forgettable. She really doesn’t bring anything to the show. Hopefully her new spin-off is better.

  5. Hi

    Tell me you’re venita without telling me you’re Venita

  6. Nomeleva

    What did ever happen to Lamar?

  7. Allie

    Ok, venita.

  8. JC

    I like Leva. She’s sweet, stylish, and isn’t always trying to take someone aside to call them a racist. I wanted to love Venita, but with each episode, she gives viewers more reasons not to enjoy watching her on the show.

    • Hotlanta

      Well said!

  9. Fairweather Friend

    I thought it was strange that Leva is taking credit for bringing Venita on the show, when Venita was actually first introduced as a friend of Madison last season. I thought that was the main connection, not through Leva at all. I think when Andy asked Leva if she keeps in touch with Cameron and she said no, that it was a sign that Leva is not a standup friend. Wasn’t Cameron the one that brough Leva on as a friend and would have brought her into the Southern Charm circle?

  10. Kru

    Wait. What happened with Leva and Venita?

  11. MADison

    Ugh, can Leva and Venita both go? Both are zzzzzzzz

  12. Cameran

    What happened between Leva and Cameran? They no longer speak.

  13. Callie

    Yeah…great friend – ditches Cam and years of friendship by trying and sadly succeeding in getting with Jason (shame on Jason too!). Can’t stand the phony!

  14. Sara

    Isn’t this supposed to be blind?

  15. In the know

    I love and work in downtown Charleston Food & Bev. And EVERYONE says they the rudest and worst boss. Most of her restaurants are maybe 60% capacity on average, except republic (now for obvious reasons-ie filming) although they are constantly filing party scenes during the day. I’ve driven past multiple times in the afternoon and it’s all blocked off with production coming in and out.

    Not alleged. Legit see this sh*t all the time.

    Ps-some people may not like Venita on the show, but NO ONE likes Leva.

  16. B

    Not surprising – Leva’s boring. She awkwardly started drama at the tea party and that’s about it. I have a huge soft spot for Venita. My father was also absent and my mom also refused to talk about it. It makes it hard to process events, have feelings, or communicate them – especially in conflict. I appreciate her authenticity and she’s adorable, I love her style (including Charles).


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