Season 17 RHOC scoop!

Aug 9, 2022

From: Tamra’s Orange

Subject: RHOC 17 drama

Spill It to
OC 17 filming is going on. They started filming in July with Shannon and Heather. One topic that gets brought up is Gina and Emily gossiping and mocking Shannon’s season 16 reunion mishap. Shannon feels like this is hurting Bones’s (her designer) reputation. Tamra returned from her Europe trip last week. She held a dinner where she confronted the cast about their reactions of her getting fired in season 14. Emily gets very defensive and the dinner goes south. Taylor will not be full time. She only started filming a few days ago, and it’s a few solo footage scenes despite being friend of. She did film with Heather and Terry 2 days ago. There will be another newbie. Despite rumors, Alexis will not be on the show for this season. Vicki, Meghan and Teddi might make guest appearances.

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  1. Melissa

    Breaking the fourth wall? Here for it!

  2. Ashley

    Teddi? Noooo nooo no god noooo

    • Sugar Bumps


  3. Alina

    I wanna know if Tamra & Shannon made up!

  4. hrb

    how is shannon still on this show tho lol

  5. Titsmcgee

    Not John Mellencamps daughter, NO GOD PLEASE NO. She deserves NOTHING. If she thinks her little stint with Jim Edmonds is gunna make bravo do something, it’s not sweetie

  6. Di

    Why Teddi what on earth does she have to do with anything and does bravo not understand that most people have never liked her – it’s just so desperate. They throw anyone and anything at RHOC and I don’t understand why

  7. TheHateYouGiveKeepsHerRelevant

    I would take Teddi over Vicki ANYDAY!

  8. Shrimps

    Just in case Bravo see this, PLEASE NO TEDDI. The viewers do…not…want Teddi back in any capacity.

  9. RNR

    I actually like Teddi, I’m here for it.


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