Perhaps the MOSt shocking…

Aug 8, 2022

Lots of wedding tea swirling…perhaps the most shocking: A prenup was signed by both to protect both (that’s a bit misleading but it’s true). After WWHL her attorney instructed her to sign a mutually benefitting PNA. The girls also have money in trusts that cannot and will not be touched in the event of a divorce. Allegedly.

allegedly from


  1. Natalie U


  2. Finally she used her brain and listened

    Thank goodness !

  3. Thank God

    Maybe she listened to her fans. Finally!!!

  4. Maggy

    She had a prenup in her first marriage. I never questioned her not getting a prenup for her second wedding when she has 4 daughters to protect. People didn’t trust her enough which is weird. I knew she would get one.


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