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Aug 8, 2022

From: Anon Girl

Subject: Jackie vs Melissa

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Notice how Jackie & Marge went to the wedding. Jackie and Melissa are now only cordial. She’s taken Teresa’s side all season, and they’ve bonded. Marge is the only person on somewhat decent terms with the Gorga’s. The rest of the women are done. Except thirsty Rachel… Melissa knows Jackie will come for her at the reunion. They’ve had nasty beef.

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  1. Ashley

    Finally giving the fans what we want!

  2. MirE

    Idk why but I don’t believe it. Jackie wouldn’t just forgive T for all she put her through, emotionally and physically. I think if M & J had beef, it’s between them and not because of T

  3. Kk

    Is this because Jackie got demoted…? Therefore decided to change things up?!

    • LI Housewife

      I would think that Jackie knew she was on the cusp of being demoted and befriending Teresa was a safer bet of saving her starring role vs being friend of.

  4. Doloandfrank

    I also noticed that Jackie and Marge were noticeably distant from each other. They weren’t on any photos together and didn’t arrive together. Marge was with the newbie friend the big HW’s group shot they were on opposite ends ??

  5. Anon

    This actually makes me really sad. I loved seeing the friendship Marge, Jackie, and Melissa shared.

  6. Jessika

    If Jackie and Tre are on the same team, they could rule NJ!!

  7. Memememe

    If boring Jen aydin can stay then so can Melissa.

    Melissa brings just as much to the table; she was asked to be on RHGT, she shows up to bravocon. We want women like Melissa. What we don’t want are women like Diana or Sutton who bring limited drama and don’t throw hands.
    Melissa was throw hands


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