Feud explained..

Aug 8, 2022

Subject: Feud explained

Spill It to BravoandCocktails:

If all is well between the OG and her life long friend then why is the sister in law of the man charged with attacking her life long friend and her husband attending OG’s wedding ? They’re good friends. OG even recently posted for the woman’s birthday.

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  1. Cassidy

    Teresa, Dina and Caroline.

    • Kelly

      Caroline was neither at the wedding nor wished “Happy Birthday” by Teresa! Sister-in-law to Tommy could be his wife’s sister, or his wife’s brother’s wife.

    • DontJumpToConclusions

      It’s not Caroline. Obviously, Tommy has more than one sister in law. This would have been all over the blogs by now if it were her. Especially if one them wished the other a happy birthday online. Caroline’s bday is the end of the month and Teresa’s was three months ago.

  2. Sue

    Are you saying Tommy manzo was at the wedding

    • Royal NJ wedding

      It says sister in law of the man so I would think Tommy’s SIL, so Caroline Manzo was there?? No way they’ve made up. Maybe he has another SIL we don’t know much about from the show/drama,

      • Jenn

        Read. The sister in law of who attacked her. Tommy set up the attack- he didn’t perform it. The attack came from a man currently in jail and his SIL was at the wedding.

        • Natalie U

          Thank you…I think they mean sister in law of John Perna

          • Nana

            The dude who got a nice discount at the brownstone post beating? Kneecapping discount?

  3. Not Caroline

    The last sentence says “ even posted about her birthday”. On Tre’s page she shared a pic of tall brunette, tag says Rosanna 31_ but account private. So this is a different SIL.

  4. Tay

    Tommy hired someone to beat them up so it wasn’t Tommy. But the man he put up to it, his sister in law. I think it may be one of the new girls.

  5. Kar

    The man who actually attacked them was named James Mainello, he was allegedly hired by Tommy Manzo. I assume it was his sister in law, though I don’t know who that would be.

  6. Teresa is MeSSy

    Danielle is related to the Manzo’s somehow but not a sister in law?

  7. Engaged19times

    Tommy paid someone with a wedding at the brownstone to attack Dina, so maybe Teresa is close with the actual attacker and his wife?

  8. Just Jess

    The other person charged in the attack was James Mainello. Teresa recently wished his sister in law Rosanna a HB.

  9. Stoneybaloney

    It’s probably the sister in law of the man HIRED to do the job.. that’s usually how theses things work.

  10. Ashley

    I mean the sister in law didn’t do it.

  11. Mrs.f

    Well Danielle Cabral is candiace lauritas step sister so that’s probably closest relation

  12. just say'n

    Danielle Cabral is step sisters with Caroline, Dena and Chris Laurita’s niece


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