Subject: How it went down!

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MJ’s former good friend who is pissed she didn’t make the cut to be on the show, the one who met up with JA & TG to tell them stuff to make MJ look bad, she started the cheating rumor about MG. 

TG wanted nothing to do with it, was looking forward to enjoying her wedding. TG asked JA to leave it alone, both TG and JA Albee the rumor was complete BS BUT JA would’ve been happy to get it out there, same as she was about JG’s husbands fake cheating rumor.

Anyway at the finale party MG and LR get into a HUGE fight about something completely unrelated but what MG exposed about LR was real bad. HE brought up the cheating rumor that all involved knew was made up by MJ’s former friend.

SO basically all of this is his fault. Not TG’s. He was backed into a corner and knew about this nonsense rumor so he blurted it out.

Once he said this about MG THAT is when JG and LR almost fought.

And there you have it. You’ll see it all unfold at the finale party this season. I keep seeing different versions posted . This is how it actually went down.

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