This is how it ACTUALLY went down… (regarding the rumor)

Aug 6, 2022

Subject: How it went down!

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MJ’s former good friend who is pissed she didn’t make the cut to be on the show, the one who met up with JA & TG to tell them stuff to make MJ look bad, she started the cheating rumor about MG. 

TG wanted nothing to do with it, was looking forward to enjoying her wedding. TG asked JA to leave it alone, both TG and JA Albee the rumor was complete BS BUT JA would’ve been happy to get it out there, same as she was about JG’s husbands fake cheating rumor.

Anyway at the finale party MG and LR get into a HUGE fight about something completely unrelated but what MG exposed about LR was real bad. HE brought up the cheating rumor that all involved knew was made up by MJ’s former friend.

SO basically all of this is his fault. Not TG’s. He was backed into a corner and knew about this nonsense rumor so he blurted it out.

Once he said this about MG THAT is when JG and LR almost fought.

And there you have it. You’ll see it all unfold at the finale party this season. I keep seeing different versions posted . This is how it actually went down.

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  1. Kelly

    TG. JA. MJ. MG. JG. LR.

    I think we can pretty easily crack the code. Just SAY THE NAMES so it makes the story easier to read!

    • Confused

      Can you just say it because my brain isn’t working today. I have no idea who this is about.

      • Kelly

        TG. Teresa
        JA. Jennifer
        MJ. Margaret
        MG. Melissa
        JG. Jackie
        LR. Louie
        Margaret’s former best friend is Laura.

        • Jenn

          I thought JG would be Joe Gorga?? No?

      • Sherry

        MJ – Margaret Josephs
        MG – Melissa Gorga
        JG- Joe Gorga
        LR- Luis R
        TG- Teresa Gorga
        JA- Jennifer Adyn

        I don’t think I am forgetting any.

    • Jingo

      Agree!! Annoying read.

    • Decode

      Tre Guidice (TG); Margaret Joseph (MJ); Jennifer Aldin (JA); Melissa Gorga (MG); Luis R. (LR- TG’S now husband); J
      Jackie G.. (JG)

      Spelling and I can’t remember exactly last names off the top of my head, but here is yoir decode.

    • Billy

      Just say the names so we don’t have to do a spreadsheet because this is so hard to real.

  2. Brain farts and Pop-Tarts

    This made my brain hurt. I had to work way too hard for this LOL I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to do my wordle today now

    • MB

      Omg this made me L-O-L

  3. Jules

    All I read there is thirsty b*tches did stuff to other thirsty b*tches and now they’re all angry. Did Teresa seriously think she’d have a nice, peaceful lead up to her wedding? And, did Melissa think that exposing Louis would mean the wedding would be called off? No, they are all thirsty and want more screen time! I won’t be susrprised if the Gorga’s end up going even after all of this!

  4. Betty

    Not a Louie fan but this shows yet another way Melissa and Joe are hypocrites. Melissa gets mad and hits below the belt but then gets mad when someone else does the same thing in retaliation. But at least she has a storyline for next season, she should thank Louie and Tre.

    • PG

      You hit the head on the nail with this one ? You are so correct ?

  5. Niterzzz

    Who is marge’s former friend that didn’t make the cut??

  6. Say the Name!!!!

    This is the most annoying post ever. I come here cause the blinds on hurt my head this is just as bad, if not worse!!


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