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Aug 6, 2022

From a source:

I’ve heard there’s a documentary crew from HBO max and there is a trans female going through recruitment which is the reason behind the doc – getting mixed opinions on that as you would expect in Alabama. I also know that UA Panhellenic would NEVER sign off on that. There has always been a heavy media presence during rush week, especially since 2013 and there was a race debacle that made national news. I’m not sure if these are just out of state ppl that don’t know the media presence and think it’s docs or if UA Panhellenic (and every single chapters’ alum advisors, AND national boards) did the absolute unfathomable. Because I could never see the sororities opening themselves up for national criticism… again.

They can control their social media presences. They can’t control a documentary.


  1. Cait

    I really don’t see Alabama Panhellenic signing off on anything documentary related. They already have one of the most sought after sorority programs so it’s not like they need the publicity and it would open them up to criticism and a level of fame that they probably don’t want.

    • nicole

      “most sought after sorority program” lmaoooooooooo. I know it’s true; however, to read it as a “serious” fact/opinion/whatever is really hilarious. Keep wasting your time you stupid insecure fucks on your sought after social clubs.

      • Long Time Sorority Girl

        You can say what you want about a social club, however every adult job I’ve had is because of connections I made with my sorority. I even working for said sorority, during 2012-2013 “machine” rumors. I went to a big SEC school and live near Tuscaloosa. I would highly highly doubt any advisor would condone this.

  2. mc3568

    I rushed and joined a sorority at a big SEC school. I can tell you my sorority’s nationals WOULD NEVER agree to that… my sorority has a chapter at UA.

  3. UA Panhellenic

    I promise there’s no documentary happening. UA recruitment is not in need of Netflix/HBO publicity. People are just infatuated because they’ve never seen anything like this.

  4. Alum

    Yeah this isn’t happening. I went to Bama. No way in hell.

  5. RollTideBravo

    As a former UA Alumni who has roamed the Greek world I find it nearly impossible to believe they’d okay a film crew or documentary to happen.

  6. SouthernSororityGirl

    Alabama is not signing off on this – I don’t see any southern university allowing it.

    But they can’t control what is filmed off campus or from public spaces … so … kinda like the Florida project filming at Disney

  7. PalmettoPrincess

    I cannot I million years see this being approved by Alabama or National Panhellenic boards. I rushed over a decade ago at a big SEC school and that year there was an a huge controversy about one sorority having an African American girl go through until bid night as a rumored joke. It was terrible. No way they would approve cameras around for the biggest rush.

  8. DJ

    I thought HBO Max was about to go away. They even axed big budget movies they bankrolled that were almost finished like Batgirl a couple weeks ago.

    • Mimi

      That was Warner Brothers, not HBO max. No way HBO is going anywhere. They’re doing just fine- they have Friends.

  9. collegedropout

    I saw his/her (sorry not sure of the pronouns) tiktok! A bunch of comments saying it wasn’t allowed, for the hbo special, etc.

  10. RollTideMom

    I live in Tuscaloosa. Child goes to Bama and is heavily involved in Greek system. They would have to get licenses in order to film and my understanding is they were turned down. The filming that is “trying” to happen is on the shady side with crews asking to mike the girls up during work week.

    • Nope

      No one would wanna watch that


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