Dancing with the stars…

Aug 5, 2022

From: Anon Please

Subject: S(r)utton Her Stuff!

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
ABC have signed the newest southern fan favorite of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills up to dance on Dancing With The Stars, her huge popularity and quirky person will keep people entertained next season.

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  1. Confused

    I thought they cancelled DWTS bc Tyra was so boring and out of touch?

    • Kelly

      Ole, it’s been moved to Disney+ now though and they added Alfonso Ribero as a 2nd host

    • Melanie

      I think it’s only going to air on Disney Plus. Not on ABC. And they added a cohost!

  2. SouthernTigerQueen

    Sutton and I’m already embarrassed for her

    • Sutton

      HAHAHAHA she does seem very uncoordinated

      • erin

        she was literally a ballerina…

    • Jj

      She was a professional dancer!!! Why would u be embarrassed of her? People like u make people like Lisa Rinna!!! For fuck sake no one taught you how to shut your mouth!

  3. Paul


  4. Nels

    Sutton !!

  5. Kathy Richards


  6. Just say'n

    Sutton. She does have ballet in her background

  7. Sara

    Sutton. Good for her.

  8. Complex choreography in heels is a choice

    Love this for Sutton but I’m already worried about her ankles !

  9. Erika Vain

    Love Sutton!

  10. Nancy

    How is this possible? Sutton is the proud owner of two matchstick legs.

    Somewhere- Melissa Gorga is working on her southern twang…

  11. Jeanine Curtis

    Now that would make me watch.
    Too bad they moved it to a streaming service.
    Internet service here is way too janky to support it, so I don’t bother.

  12. erin

    for everyone commenting how weird it is/ how uncoordinated she is… she was literally a professional ballerina??

  13. Janey Gilroy

    William J. White, @whiteyy18 on TikTok. He won People Magazine’s 2021 Sexiest TikToker. He has over 2 million followers from around the world. He is a fashion Model and his fan’s would love to see him on the show. They would screen shots dance and upload it to Twitter, Facebook, TitTok, Instagram, Twitch, Cameo, and YouTube.They will fly across the country to attend the show and cheer him on. There is still time, you can put him in at the last minute. He could fly out tomorrow. DISNEY+ you need William White and the ratings he will bring in. He needs you for the dance lessons.Being there is other TikToker on this season will on fuel the completion to win. Call IMG Kelly Streit, his agent (403)216-2770 info@modemodels.com Thank you


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