Big snake?!

Aug 5, 2022

From: Mamba #5

Subject: “You got a big snake!”

Spill It to
The charming men yell this out in Barr’s when they get hammered. They think it is real funny! They also fart at each other like 5 year olds. Grow up. Charming my ass.

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  1. JK

    Show started out fun. Quickly has disintegrated.
    I’m out and was after the first episode (and so is my daughter so demographic wise…) this season with the Kathryn fake fight start up. You invite a girl to your party and then attack. Fake “reality.” Men are gross whoever would want is themselves questionable.

    • Lisa

      Well Naomi did deserve it, don’t accept an invite to a party and act like a pretentious teen mean girl. Venita has absolutely sucked the fun out of this show, she needs to go God speed. The boys are man-children, but at least it’s for entertainment, once their 15 minutes is up, they’ll realize their game ain’t so funny anymore.

    • No Snake

      I mean all guys fart in bars. No need to stop watching over that.

  2. Nels

    Shep and Austin and please tell me not Craig.

    • DumbBlind

      Hello Ashley

  3. Becky

    Austin and Shep

    • QueenVee1

      I hope it’s not Craig. If so, Paige needs to dump his dumb ass immediately!


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