Watch your back…

Aug 4, 2022

From: OC Drama

Subject: Watch your back!

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Emily may have to find a new ally. Gina is solidly team Heather. Rumor has it, Gina is back bc Heather needs a solider and Gina will play for her. But while sometimes tres amigas work, if Emily and Heather clash, Gina will pick Heather.

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  1. Cara Gala

    Casita is one of the thirstiest Bs on tv, while giving us next to nothing

  2. Ultimate Hw

    Not surprising. Got this vibe last season.

  3. Tamra Apologist

    I guess this is karma from when Emily consistently stirred the pot between Gina and Shannon?? Not a Shannon fan but even I thought Emily was grasping last season, brought up any reason to get Shannon to look bad.
    Can’t wait to see them go up against Tammy Sue though!!

  4. Coco


    • Reena

      I saw this coming last season. Heather has the $$ and Gina is so far up her a$$ probably in hopes Heather can help her. Yuk!


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