Don’t believe the pictures….

Aug 4, 2022

From: New Jersey

Subject: Don’t believe the pictures!

Spill It to
Photos from RHONJ filming paint a very different picture to reality. These women may look friendly but trust me this season is full of fights and feuds!! All 3 newbies have brought it and made their mark on the garden state. One underrated newbie is Jen F, she’s old school NJ and not afraid to speak her mind, watch this space !!

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  1. P

    What does “old school NJ” mean??
    I’m from there and have no idea.

    • Here for it

      All I can think of is the good ole OG RHNJ days, table flipping, threats, mob vibes.

    • my fambily is thick as thieves

      On this show “old school NJ” is just thin code for “maybe she’s mafia”

      • Anon

        She’s definitely not mafia. She’s a wealthy Jewish woman with her own company. She’s awesome

    • Jersey Girl

      Outspoken & not afraid to hurt feelings

    • Jersey Girl

      Legit born and raised in NJ and was thinking the same things… what’s old school Nj?

    • cameron

      i think they meant “old school NJ” as in old school rhonj.

  2. Fake

    PR comment

  3. erin

    the newbies are so thirsty it’s embarrassing. also, they all dress like it’s 2013.


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