Aug 2, 2022

From a source:

L*** H******** spiraling behind the

She’s lost full control of the narrative of
this divorce.

L****is running the show still

This will not end well for her. Yes he’s dead wrong but she’s taking from their account and it’s not for the kids it was like 60k for her jewelry etc. She can’t be spending like that at a time like this, focus needs to be in kids.

The stories he putting out in the press are to hurt her in court . And they WILL!

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Melissa

    Lisa H from Miami

  2. CYA

    So obviously from Lenny’s team it’s laughable

  3. Don’t say it’s about Lisa

    Lisa, ugh hope this isn’t true

    • Sowhatt

      She should buy more jewelry. Lenny is going to have to pay child support anyway so kids will be fine unless he’s as broke as Tom Girardi. In that case she can always sell the jewelry if she needs to in the future.

  4. Miami frenemies

    Adriana—is this you??

  5. Titsmcgee

    Lenny and Escort are scum of the earth. Take him for everything, Lisa

  6. LVP

    Lol. She’s lost full control? More like you went to the press for a TRO that was never even granted. You’re pathetic katharini or whatever ur name is

  7. Nailsbysheryl

    Lenny and Lisa

  8. M

    Ha did Lenny post this? Def Lisa Hochstein but I say do what you want girl. Like you can buy 60k in jewelry & still focus on the kids ?

  9. Marge

    If it’s a joint account they each have 100% access to every penny in there & she can clean that account out for her nails if she wants, unless there is a court order. He will still be a sleaze in the public eye.

  10. WhatAtroll

    I don’t care if it was little Lenny or his “girlfriend” (his word) that wrote this…gotta be one of them?…He is at fault. Period. He is the one that did left his marriage…?‍♀️

  11. Sara

    I don’t buy this for a second, Lenny is this you?

  12. Lenny is trying to change the narrative

    Lenny, is this you?!

  13. Lol

    Catherine, you’ll lose him just like you got him when a new younger girl comes around 🙂

  14. Anon

    Lol Lenny the lizard is that you? Or the escort?
    Just like the restraining order was “needed” because of course clearly Lisa made a bunch of fake insta accounts and sent some nasty DMs to the escort.
    Please Lenny and/or escort – If you’re going to tell lies make them believable.

  15. Anon

    Lenny what account are you using While you are taking your escort to see her family in Europe? She literally posted she took him to dinner so he was taking her to Europe to meet her family. So.

  16. Lisa

    I had a messy custody case in dade county…and the family court here won’t give AF about that. Trust me, they won’t even care what he is doing. It will be 50/50. That’s how is goes down here.

  17. Anon

    Lets talk more about Lenny trying to tie up his money somewhere else illegally……

  18. Over it

    Fuuuck you Lenny! So it’s okay for him to spend 60k on a vac ration for him and his whore bag then got on ig and joke about having a gf and wife this man is so disgusting

  19. Lisa

    Lenny – make you ‘blinds’ a little less obvious….

  20. Lenny sucks

    My guess is it won’t be Lenny who leaves her, she’s going to leave him. Do we really think she’s going to play step mommy? Not a chance.
    How she left her marriage and her participation in various other affairs speaks volumes (at least in my opinion). Seems to me she’s using Lenny for clout and “fame”, trying to get stuff in the press by filing a restraining order against Lisa, posting them together all over Insta, etc. Lenny ? is just too dumb to realize it and blew up his family for this hoe.
    My bet is once someone richer and who can actually get her on TV comes along she’s going to jump off the loser Lenny train. (She might be insufferable but she’s not entirely stupid – she’s at least smart enough to realize her insta hoe modeling and OF days are numbered as she ages).

  21. Diamonds are a girl's best friend

    Jewelry is actually a wise move for Lisa. She can sell it if she winds up in a bad place financially. If he can run around on vacation with the mistress, Lisa can buy jewelry.


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