Aug 2, 2022

From: Jersey Girls

Subject: RHONJ Szn 13

Spill It to
Its Official..RHONJ finale is being filmed tomorrow (Wednesday). Teresa’s wedding will be a special to start airing as a continuation after the finale. Rehearsal dinner Friday and wedding Saturday will be filmed for that. Expect to see Jennifer & Dolores on the show since they’re both bridesmaids & possibly newbie Danielle in a scene or two since she’s gotten close with Teresa & Bravo really believes she will be well liked by fans. Word on the street is Melissa & Joe declined their spot to the rehearsal dinner (shocking cause they love the cameras). Dina 100% not attending… and not because she doesn’t want to be filmed, because they’re not speaking!

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  1. Can’t Wait

    Whoa whoa whoa… so originally Andy and viewers tried to cause drama asking why Melissa was not a bridesmaid. Teresa’s fully acceptable response was that her girls were the only bridesmaids. NOW Jennifer & Delores have been made bridesmaids? Seriously?! This is gonna be one hell of a season

    • If You're So happy why are you always so angry?

      She didn’t say just the daughters, that would have been acceptable. She said she has 8 bridesmaids lol two of which were Louie’s sisters. Honestly she should have just had Antonia, it’s her niece, then maybe no one could say anything. But she didn’t purposely to be mean. Now w Dolores and Jen in it? Messed up..

    • Jessie

      I HATE that Danielle got a spot on the show. She’s so thirsty and I can’t see her being a great addition

    • KC

      No Melissa said that she thought the girls were the only bridesmaids but then Melissa found out that Louie’s sisters were going to be in it that is when Melissa got mad and Teresa said we aren’t close”

    • Cassidy

      I don’t recall Teresa responding that way. Her sister-in-laws are bridesmaids too and from memory she actually said the reason was because her and Melissa aren’t that close.

    • Dina Manzo

      Actually Teresa said Louis sisters were going to be bridesmaids too

  2. Not-Melissa

    Who wants to be a bridesmaid in their 40’s anyway? Get over not being in the wedding and stop whining about it. Next year you can “renew” your vows and not invite her. The prettiest of the petty!

  3. Too old to be a bridesmaid

    Dolores is a what?? Didn’t she say she was too old to be a bridesmaids?! Now she’s one. She also said that she was done with Jen but since have reignited that friendship. Dolores constantly talks in circles

  4. Dee

    Teresa is pathetic

  5. Ocgal

    Does anyone know why Dina is not speaking to Teresa? Did she finally figure out what a crappy person she is?

  6. South American Girl

    This wedding is giving me
    “Quinceńera” vibes!!! Luis is part Mexican, Dominican, & Puerto Rican.


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