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Bravo is finally getting smart starting with RHONJ Instead of firing Veteran housewives which leads to the show flopping, (RHONY, RHOC), they are adding newbies while the veterans are still there. Let’s just say the veterans are younger versions of the other housewives – Danielle is like Teresa/Jennifer l, Jenn is a Margaret type and Rachel is like Dolores/Melissa. So when it’s time for the Vets to leave, fans will be familiar with these newbies and feel comfortable with them as well. Regarding Teresa’s wedding, before and after footage is being filmed, then it will be decided in editing if it will be made into a spin-off special or included in the season. She only wants the spin-off if it will be a multiple season type of thing like Don’t Be Tardy. So if that happens, consider this upcoming RHONJ season Teresa’s last.

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